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MLB: 1920s Footage of Babe, Ty, Dazzy, and the Big Train

If you missed Jonah Keri’s article over at Grantland the other day, well you missed something good. Keri took a stroll through the MLB Production headquarters recently and got to see how all the old film is getting digitized.

But the best part was he shared some of the stuff he saw.

Probably the most popular out of the short videos he shared was just under two and a half minutes, but it features four of the greatest players to ever don a uniform in Dazzy Vance, Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, and Walter Johnson.

It is such a great video, in what has been called an instructional video by many because of the content, but it is great in that it shows these great players as human. Here you can see Babe Ruth taking horrible swings we have all taken popping up balls, or Ty Cobb lunging at a ball. But you be the judge. Here is the video.

You can check out the other footage Keri shows off in his article here. It includes a young Bryce Harper playing junior college ball, some 1982 Montreal Expos highlights, some 50’s Reds spring training action, and my favorite some footage of the 1905 Giants.

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Video of the Week: Inspirational 8 Year Old Playing Baseball

This weeks video was sent to me from friend and reader Leon Ho. This is an inspirational video of a young boy who plays baseball with only one leg. Not only that, but he plays the most demanding position on the field. If watching this doesn’t inspire you to do more, I don’t know what will.


Thank you Adam Bender for being an inspiration to all of us.

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Asking for Help from Our Readers on a Video Project

First of all, forgive me for not keeping the site up to date like it should be. I should be back to regular posting this week. The reason I have been lacking in posting is we are undertaking a new project here at Baseball de World, and I’d like some input from our readers.

A few colleagues and I are in discussions for making a documentary on baseball in Korea? Baseball here is an extremely popular sport and it continues to grow at every level.

However, we have not fully decided which direction to take with what exactly to include in the film. So I’d like some ideas from our readers if you might like to chime in.

First of all, what would you like to know about baseball in Korea? Are you only interested in the professional ranks, or would the high school/college levels interest you as well (high school baseball if huge here).

We have not quite decided on a full length documentary or shorter segments focusing on each team in the league or something like that. Which would you prefer or you have a preference?

We are not filmmakers and this will not be a huge budget project. However, with our resources pooled together I think we will be able to put out a pretty good quality product.

This is not something we are looking at to make us rich and famous. Everything we do here is simply for the love of the game. So please share your comments and suggestions. We’d love to hear them all.

Who knows if this were to be enjoyable for us, we might try to expand to other countries around the world and produce a short film on baseball there as well.

Feel free to comment here or drop me an email at esbynum AT baseballdeworld.com


Eric Bynum

Managing Editor

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