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Australia: A Fan’s Trip to See Every ABL Stadium

I am a huge fan of road trips. When you add in sports it makes it even better. A lifelong dream of mine is to visit every MLB stadium in a summer. A few years back I got to go to every KBO stadium in a season (they have since added a new one and another is on the way). I am not sure how I ran across the story (I think it was the BallparkChasers Facebook page), but it is one I am definitely following.

Kirsten Richards is a native Australian who is embarking on a huge road trip across the great nation to visit all of the Australian Baseball League teams. It’s a good 3,300 mile trip (5,300 km) and remember it is summer there too so its not like she is traveling in cool fall weather.

I’m a bit jealous. After the ABL was reborn a few years ago I have been wanting to get down there and see a game, or two, or three, or six. I don’t know why but I’ve found myself following the Sydney Blue Sox (mainly because of their pitching) but they have yet to win a title. The league intrigues me and I have often listened and watched via the internet.

If you want to follow along with her trip (its in its early stages) check out her blog at Wishing for Boston. She just posted about the first game she saw recently and has been posting about the other sites she is seeing across Australia.

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13 Things to do in Baseball for 2013

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about where to travel to see baseball next year in 2013 when my contract is up in South Korea. Since I love lists, I thought I would create a list of 13 things to do in ’13. But since I can’t decide yet on whether to travel in the US or Europe, I’ll do a list for each.

Today is the USA list. So here we go:

13 for ’13

1. See all 30 MLB Stadiums
2. See the movie set of Field of Dreams
3. Visit the Hall of Fame
4. Visit Rickwood Field
5. Visit the Negro Leagues Hall of Fame
6. See a game at the College World Series
7. See a Minnesota Town Ball game
8. Participate in Baseball ‘Round the Clock at the NBC World Series
9. Tailgate at a game in Milwaukee
10. See a game at each level of professional baseball
11. See a top 10 college team play
12. Watch the Midnight Sun Game in Alaska
13. Throw out a first pitch

I think everything on the list is doable. The only one that might become a problem is throwing out a first pitch somewhere.

A little over a year ago I created a 40 by 40 list of things to do before I am 40. Sadly, I’ll have just 4 years to do as many as I can very soon. Time to get moving on the list I guess.

What would be on your list for 2013?

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Introduction to #BaseballJourney

Along with running Baseball de World, I have run the website BaseballJourneyman.com for the last couple of years. The site is my personal site where I talk baseball and document my baseball travels.

In early 2013, I will return home to the States and begin traveling. Over the next 8 months, I’ll begin to plan my trip and I’d love your feedback. I’ll be posting articles here under the heading #BaseballJourney which I will also use as a hash tag on Twitter.

The problem is I don’t know where to travel.

By the time I return home, I will have been away for 2 years and 3 years of the last 3.5. So, I am debating whether to do my traveling in the US or heading back overseas after a short time at home to see Europe.

Both have their pluses and minuses.

Europe Positives:
1.See new countries
2. Experience new cultures
3. See baseball in different environments
4. Might be cheaper than US Travel

USA Positives:
1. It’s home and I haven’t spent much time there the past few years
2. I’ve always dreamed of seeing every MLB stadium
3. I’d get to see my family and friends
4. I’d be back in a country that speaks English
5. I’d get to see a lot of the country I’ve never seen

I’m really torn, but as much as I want to see Europe I am leaning toward a USA trip. Simply because its what I have dreamed off and planned so many times over the last decade and now I have a chance to do it.

If I did a USA Trip, I would plan to see:
All 30 MLB Stadiums
Hall of Fame and other museums
Baseball on every level – little league, high school, college, minors, etc…
Misc. baseball sites like the Field of Dreams movie set
Plus there are national parks to see that I’ve never been to

The main problem with the USA trip is the cost. I don’t have a car anymore so I would need to buy one thatwould get me around the country. The other main costs I think would be housing. I can save money by staying in cheap hotels, hostels, camping, and doing some couch surfing as well.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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