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Annual Meeting for Rogers Hornsby Chapter of SABR

Yesterday I had the opportunity to head to San Marcos, Texas and participate in the annual meeting of the Rogers Hornsby chapter of SABR. Held for just over a decade at Texas State University (still strange to type that and not Southwest Texas) members come from all around to meet and talk baseball. Since moving to the area I have gotten a chance to attend just one of their monthly meetings which have gone on for something like 130 straight months.

The annual meeting was quite impressive with many different speakers and presentations. But most of all it was a time to just get together with other like minded folks and talk baseball. I missed the 2017 edition of the event and now I’m kicking myself for that because of how much fun I had yesterday.

We heard presentations from Branch Rickey III (current president of the Pacific Coast League), Mike Capps (voice of the Round Rock Express), and others. Some of the presentations included a recap of a baseball trip to Cuba. I absolutely loved this because this is my dream trip. We also heard from Anne Keene who is about to publish a book that I am about to pre-order simply because it is a story I can’t wait to read.

Mrs. Keene presented the basics of the book to us. The book, which is called The Cloudbuster Nine: The Untold Story of Ted Williams and the Baseball Team Who Helped Win World War II, is the story about the Navy baseball team at Chapel Hill, NC. There during 1943 her father was the bat boy for a baseball team that included Ted Williams, Johnny Sain, and Johnny Pesky. It is a behind the scenes look at the team that summer as they trained to become pilots in the Navy.

Now a few of you reading this might be aware that I am working on my master’s degree in US History. My thesis, which is all I have left for my degree, is on how baseball impacted the war effort during World War II. It is also the main reason I have not written much at all the past year and a half or so. After work a lot of my free time has gone to reading, research, and writing trying to slowly finish my thesis. So this book is right up my alley and I can’t wait to read it.

Rogers Hornsby chapter SABRAlso at the meeting was a book exchange, memorabilia presentations, and even a little quiz which was fun. The group voted on who should get into the Hall of Fame, of which the only one receiving enough votes from us was Chipper Jones. I personally voted for the following: Chipper Jones, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemons, Jim Thome, Mike Mussina, Fred McGriff, and Andruw Jones (yes I am a huge Braves fan).

Overall it was a fun day. I cannot recommend SABR enough. I have met so many nice people over the years in the different chapters I’ve been apart of from Nashville, to Dallas, to now Central Texas. I’ve also had the pleasure of hearing people like Rangers manager Jeff Bannister and former major leaguer Eddie Robinson speak. I also got to meet Dwight Gooden once at a SABR meeting (disclaimer he was not at the meeting but was at a separate function in the hotel but was kind enough to say hello and take a picture with us). So if you are interested head over to SABR.org and check out what is going on in your area.

Thanks to everyone that put on the event yesterday in San Marcos. I can’t wait for next year and hope to make a few of the monthly meetings a long the way this year as well. If you are interested in learning more about the Rogers Horsnby chapter, head on over to SABRHornsby.org

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