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BaseballdeWorld Podcast Episode 1

In an effort to change and update the site, we are rolling out a podcast. Today is episode no. 1 and we go over the WBC pool in Seoul, South Korea.

Look for more podcasts in the weeks to come. We are lining up some interviews and other guest appearances. Our focus will continue to be on foreign leagues with some tidbits from the USA.

This is a new venture for us here, so bare with us as we learn how to produce better and better podcasts.

Shout out to CPBLEnglish.com for some stats on the players for Chinese Taipei, and to Fuss Ricket for our music. You can check them out on Spotify and at FussRicket.com.

Our drink of the week – Green Man Wayfarer IPA. Check it out if you can. Green Man Brewery has some great stuff. I’ve never been disappointed, well if you don’t include the fact I can’t find it in Texas. You can find more about the brewery at GreenManBrewery.com.

Moving forward we will try to keep the podcasts no longer than 20 minutes. We intend to bring you stories and people from around the world of baseball. So stay with us. Give us some feedback on what you hear and what you would like to hear as well.

As always, thanks for reading and thanks for listening.

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Should the MLB go to London

Last night I couldn’t sleep so as I was trolling through Twitter I cam across an account with a podcast (Bat Flips and Nerds), and I gave it a listen. Now while I was for the most part entertained with some of the talk, especially since it was about the MLB playing in London. So I wanted to address a few issues and give my 2 cents.

The No Way It Will Happen Anytime Soon

So the podcast mentioned how much they would love to see the MLB All-Star Game in London. Yeah that would be nice with so many stars going over there and showcasing their abilities. But I don’t think that will happen, at least in my lifetime. On the other hand, and exhibition series in London with many of the all-stars would be a nice start. That way some of the young stars could be showcased to the British people and perhaps lead to more fans. Let’s face it, baseball is not huge in Great Britain. While it might be growing, many people there do not understand the game since it is not played as widely as other places.

The I Would Be Shocked If It Was the First Series

Red Sox v. Yankees – Yes I know there has been talks between the owners of taking a series to London. I just don’t see it, at least not for the first series. Someone of the podcast mentioned how it would be great for the teams and fans to have the popularity of their team grow in another country. Yes, for the owners. Let me be clear that most Red Sox fans do not care if the Red Sox are popular in Great Britain. That means so little to them. Quite a lot less than missing out on a home series against the evil empire. And the same goes for Yankees fans, who might in fact care less.

Of course that does not go for all fans. I am one in particular that wants to see the sport grow everywhere in the world. But I am in the minority here in the USA.

Yeah But the NFL Sent Their Best Teams to London First

No they didn’t. They sent the New York Giants, coming off an 8-8 year in 2006, and the Miami Dolphins, who went 6-10. In fact, the Dolphins went 1-15 in 2007 the year they played in London. Sure New York won the Super Bowl in 2007 but nobody saw that coming. After all they went just 10-6 in the regular season.

Year two saw the New Orleans Saints the home team. The 2008 Saints that played in London went 8-8. The year prior they went 7-9. They did play the 2007 AFC West Champion San Diego Chargers (11-5 in 2007), but even the Chargers went 8-8 the year they played in London.

Year three, in 2009, was more of the same with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers the home team. A year in which they went 3-13, coming off of a 9-7 campaign in 2008. Not exactly Super Bowl contenders. Their opponent, the New England Patriots, went 11-5 the year prior to London but didn’t make the playoffs.

Not a single year was the home team poised to make a deep run in the playoffs. Typically they are teams that struggle and could use a good payday with a “home” sellout even if it is in London. So the argument that the NFL is sending its best is a fallacy.

However, like the NFL Major League Baseball can send decent teams over to help grow the sport. The NFL would not continue adding games if they were not making money, and I think MLB will follow suit. I would love to see MLB at least send over a young superstar. I really liked the idea of the New York Mets going over with their young pitching staff, especially Noah Syndergaard. Throw in a division rival in say the Atlanta Braves, disclosure my favorite team, and you have a nice combination. A series with Syndergaard, deGroom, and Harvey pitching is quite the start. Throw in Granderson, who is notoriously great for growing the game, and you have some guys that will be a positive. On the Braves side seeing other top prospects like Dansby Swanson, Ender Inciarte, and star Freedie Freeman and you have the makings of a good start. No they are not the best teams with the most stars, but it would be a nice start.

Either that or making sure someone like Mike Trout or Bryce Harper make the trip would be nice too. No matter who goes at least one team really needs a superstar in my opinion, or the very least some young budding stars that the British can follow over the years.

It is about time MLB makes the move to play outside the USA/Canada again. It has been a few years since the Dodgers and Diamondbacks played in Australia.

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New Podcast on Korean Baseball

There is a new kid on the podcast block. Dan from over at MyKBO.net has ventured into the world of podcasts with his first two over the weekend.

If you are not familiar with Dan or the site, you should definitely check it out. The site is THE site for updates and information on the Korean Baseball Organization in English. There is no other site that rivals it.

And there isn’t a better time to learn about the KBO, its players, and the goings on around the league with the World Baseball Classic coming up in under a week. Team Korea finished 2nd in the 2009 Classic, and they will once again be one of the favorites to make a run at the championship.

So head on over to the site, click on News and see what Dan has been doing with his podcasts. So far there are two. They are short, but they are full of good information. And if you like them, like I do, drop him a note and let him know so he will continue making them.

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Episode 1 – Interview with Tom Treutler, Founder of the Hanoi Youth Baseball Club

A few weeks ago we ran a story about the Hanoi Youth Baseball Club in Vietnam. They had a great showing at a Pony tournament in Seoul, South Korea, and today we wanted to share a little more about youth baseball in Vietnam.

In our first venture into the podcasting world, I talk to Tom Treutler, founder of the Hanoi Youth Baseball Club. Tom, and others, are doing some great things for the youth in Hanoi, and I was happy to have him as our first guest on the Baseball de World podcast.

So give a listen. I think you will enjoy what he has to say about the good things going on in Vietnam. I want to thank Tom again for his time and for everything he and the others are doing to not only spread the great game but to enrich these young boys lives. The things they will learn through the game of baseball will be priceless in the future.

Please forgive the audio quality. This was my first venture into podcasting. Also feel free to leave a comment, suggestion, or critic below in the comments section or you can email us at info AT baseballdeworld.com.

Thanks for listening

Tom Treutler Interview – Founder of the Hanoi Youth Baseball Club

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