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Nicaragua Wins Baseball Gold at X Central American Games

Nicaragua wins thrilling Gold Medal Game against Panama to prevail in Costa Rica

Nicaragua has won the Gold Medal at the X Central American Games in San Jose, Costa Rica. The team of manager Noel Areas defeated Panama 6-5 in the Gold Medal Game. Ofilio Castro drove in the decisive run with a walk-off RBI single in the bottom of the ninth.

Nicaragua had overcome a 3-4 deficit in the bottom of the eighth to take a 5-4 lead, but Panama came back against closer Gustavo Martinez in the top of the ninth, setting up the dramatic finish.

The baseball tournament at the 2013 Central American Games in Costa Rica was played from March 12 to 17 at Estadio Antonio Escarré. Six teams participated with Nicaragua winning Gold, Panama Silver and El Salvador Bronze. Guatemala, Costa Rica and Honduras were in the tournament as well.

Official Website X Central American Games

Courtesy IBAF.org

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Interview: Filmmaker Eric Soussanin of ¡Indestructible!: Baseball on the Isthmus

Today we sit down with Eric Soussanin who is producing a documentary on baseball in Panama called ¡Indestructible!: Baseball on the IsthmusThe film looks at the history and uncertain future of the game in Panama along with those who are fighting to ressurect the sport from the grips of crisis.

I’d like to thank Eric for taking the time to answer some questions for us about both the film and the game in Panama.

First of all, why Panama?

I chose Panamá because, as an avid baseball fan, I had heard that the Panamanians had a pretty good tradition of producing quality major leaguers, but I realized that I knew little else about their baseball history. So much attention was and is being paid to DR and Venezuela (and rightfully so), but Panamá just appealed to me as this kind of “mysterious” baseball powerhouse.

What sort of reception did you get from players and fans when making the film?

A pretty good one. The fans were surprised to see someone making a doc about their baseball culture. The overall reaction was sort of “Really? A movie about our baseball?” From the players, it was more of a mixed bag. Some were very warm and shared their experience easily (like minor leaguer José Camarena, who is featured in the film), and some were a little more nervous about my intentions (Bruce Chen, for example). Panama is a small country, and once word got out that I was asking tougher questions (about the politics, for example), it was understandable that some would act this way.

As the sport has struggled in recent years there, what is the people’s feeling toward the current state of the game now?

The die hards still love the sport, and for the games toward the end of the national tournament, the stadiums are full. But the issue is with the younger people, who in the last 10 years have suddenly become crazy for soccer. With young and old, however, there is totally a sense of almost self-deprecation around baseball, like “Great! Our politicans have mucked up the sport again. Another black eye for Panamá.” This is why we made the documentary, because this needs to be fixed if baseball in Panama is ever going to rise again.

What is the feeling of where the sport might be heading in the future?

Though there is a kind of cynicism surrounding baseball, there is also currently a new sense of hope for the future of the game. The work of former major leaguers like Omar Moreno and Olmedo Saenz has sparked a sort of ‘baseball revolution” there, which has woken people up to begin fixing baseball. Also, a budding relationship with MLB is reason for hope.

Was there any one thing that stood out to you when doing your research or making the film?

I love the different cultures within Panama that give the country it’s unique flavor. For example, you may have noticed that many of the Panamanian players did not/do not posses common Hispanic surnames (see: Carew, Oglivie, Kelly, Robinson, Stennett, Lee, Lewis). That’s because there is a huge West-Indian polulation that came to Panamá during the contruction of both the Panamá Railroad and the Panamá Canal, mostly from Jamaica and Barbados. You still see the massive cultural imprint of this migration, all the way down to the food, music and surnames.

How will the upcoming World Baseball Classic Qualifier being hosting in Panama City help the sport there?

It will provide a spotlight, however brief, on a nation that’s played baseball for more than 160 years, and deserves to be known on the world stage. Let’s hope Panama can get a win after going winless through the first two WBCs.

What are the former players doing to help the game out there?

Obviously, each of the current/former Major Leaguers contributes in their own way. Carew, Kelly, Mendoza, Rivera, Lee, Chen, Sanguillen, and the others have all given their time and resources to help the Panamanian game, and that should be recognized. However, the two undisputed leaders in terms of former major leaguers helping the cause are Omar Moreno and Olmedo Saenz. Moreno opened a free baseball academy back in the early-mid 2000s, and that was a huge deal at the time. He was the first to be very vocal against the politics that were suffocating the game, and he began garnering a lot of support. So much so, that in 2009, he was appointed by the President to run Panama’s ministry of sports (Pandeportes). In the years since, Olmedo Saenz has really become a ferocious spokesperson for cleaning up the game. He also runs a free baseball academy, and was instrumental in bringing professional baseball back to Panama. As far as non-Panamanians, Candy Maldonado and Elias Sosa both have been important figures in helping Omar and Olmedo’s cause.

What is need most in Panama to help the sport get back on the right path?

The fans (and tourists, for that matter) need to support the newly formed professional league (PROBEIS). Also, the politicians need to be distanced from baseball, and all sports there, so as to stop the in-fighting, and allow the resources to flow all the way down to the youngest players.

What can our readers do to help the film?

First and foremost, they can support our Kickstarter campaign, which only has a mere 13 days to go!!! This film likely will be delayed if funding is not secured.  They can also write to organizations like MLB network, and let them know that they want to see these kind of films aired. Additionally, they can reach out via social media to Omar Moreno and Olmedo Saenz, and let them know that world is watching them and routing on their cause. And lastly, visit Panama and take in a game! It’s really a great experience. Just watch out when they toss their beers : )

The film has less than 2 weeks left to secure the needed financing in order to finish the project. Take a look at the trailer and what Eric has been doing. If you can contribute even a few dollars, please visit their Kickstarterpage to help out. For a mere $10 you could get a copy of the film when it is complete.

You can learn more about the film as well as see the trailer on its website at PanamaBaseballMovie.com or follow what is happening with the film on Facebook or Twitter.

Thanks again to Eric for taking the time to answer some questions for us. We hope the project is completed. We are very excited from what we have seen and can’t wait to see the finished film.

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Documentary About Baseball in Panama: Indestructible: Baseball on the Isthmus

Here at Baseball de World, we applaud people who try to share the world of baseball with or from countries around the world. One of my personal favorite things are baseball films, especially documentaries. That’s why I want to bring to your attention a documentary in the making.

Indestructible: Baseball on the Isthmus is a film by American Eric Soussanin on the history and culture of baseball in Panama. The state of the game in Panama is uncertain as it is trying to rebuild from many years of corruption, under funding, political fighting, and disorganization.

Sousanin’s research in 2008 got him a U.S. Fulbright Grant to spend a year on the Isthmus where he began exploring the countries baseball.

The history of the game alone would make an interesting film by itself. Throw in the corruption and problems that have plague the game there and this should be a great film.

The film includes interviews with some big names from the sport including Omar Moreno, Olmedo Saenz, Bruce Chen, Candy Maldonado, and more.

I’m excited to see the film, but it isn’t finished yet and the need our help.

The filmmakers are in the final stages of production and need help to finish the project. For just $10 you can help the film get made AND get a copy of it for yourself. Any amount will help and you can help get this film made with any donation amount at their Kickstarter page – Indestructible: Baseball on the Isthmus.

I am not one to just suggest anything. I’ve taken a closer look at the film and I am truly excited for this to be made. So much so that I donated. I wouldn’t ask you to and not do it myself.

Here is the trailer from the film. Take a look at it and visit their Kickstarter page to see more from filmmaker Eric Sousanin.

“¡Indestructible!: Baseball on the Isthmus” – Trailer (Avance) from Eric Soussanin on Vimeo.

You can also follow what is happening with the film on Twitter (@PanamaBaseball) and on Facebook as well.

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Venues, Pools Set for 2013 World Baseball Classic Qualifiers

Qualifiers to Start in Germany from September 20th-24th, Followed by Panama, Taiwan and U.S. in November

Press Release Major League Baseball

World Baseball Classic, Inc. (WBCI) today announced the venues and pools of the new Qualifiers for the 2013 World Baseball Classic.  The winners of each Qualifying Pool will advance to compete in the 2013 World Baseball Classic tournament next March.  The four venues that have been selected to host a Qualifying Pool are:

  • Armin-Wolf-Baseball-Arena in Regensburg, Germany;
  • Rod Carew Stadium in Panama City, Panama;
  • XinZuang Stadium in Taipei, Taiwan; and
  • Roger Dean Stadium in Jupiter, Florida

Initial opening round match-ups (including home and visitor designations) as well as ticket information will be announced at a later date by the host venues. The pools for each Qualifier are:

Sept. 20th-24th in Regensburg, Germany

Nov. Dates TBD in Jupiter, Florida, USA

Nov. Dates TBD in Taipei, Taiwan

Nov. 14th-18th in Panama City, Panama

“We are excited to expand the scope of the World Baseball Classic and maintain our commitment to global baseball development, starting with four excellent venues hosting the new Qualifiers this fall,” said Paul Archey, Senior Vice President, International Business Operations for Major League Baseball. “We are very pleased with the level of interest from venues and organizers around the world who share our enthusiasm for the World Baseball Classic and its mission of celebrating the global nature of our game.”

“We are pleased to have 12 new countries participating in the World Baseball Classic,” said Major League Baseball Players Association Assistant General Counsel Ian Penny. “Sports fans around the world will witness one of the greatest events on the international sports calendar when the 2013 World Baseball Classic launches its new Qualifiers with games in Regensburg, Germany. We’re confident the Qualifiers will further expand the international popularity of the game we all love. We thank all participating nations for their commitment to the World Baseball Classic and the Qualifier host locations and organizers for their passion and interest in the game of baseball.”

The Qualifiers will feature a six-game modified double-elimination format. The composition of the pools was determined after venues were selected, with consideration given to competitive balance, existing rivalries and each national team’s geographical location.

“The implementation of this qualification system into the World Baseball Classic framework is a true sign of the strong collaboration between the IBAF and our colleagues at Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Players Association,” said Riccardo Fraccari, President of the International Baseball Federation. “We are very encouraged about the inclusion of emerging baseball territories and the continual growth of the international baseball landscape that this represents.”

The Qualifiers will expand the competitive field from 16 to 28 countries. The teams invited to participate in the Qualifying Pools will include the four World Baseball Classic teams from 2009 that did not win a game – Canada, Chinese Taipei, Panama and South Africa.

The winners from each Qualifying Pool will advance to the World Baseball Classic tournament, scheduled for March 2013.  Those four teams will join the 12 countries – Australia, China, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Kingdom of the Netherlands, Puerto Rico, United States and Venezuela – that receive automatic invitations based on their performance in the 2009 tournament.

The 2013 World Baseball Classic will mark the third edition of the tournament.  The inaugural event was held in 2006, and the second World Baseball Classic was held in 2009.

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Panama to Host World Baseball Classic Qualifier

Mariano Rivera has confirmed he will compete with Panama late this year in the World Baseball Classic Qualifier.

Although no official announcement has been made, one is expected within the next 24 hours, it is being reported that Panama will host one of the qualifiers for the 2013 World Baseball Classic.

Further details will be released soon, but it looks like Nicaragua, Brazil, and Colombia will compete with host Panama sometime in November. The games will be played at Rod Carew Stadium.

In recent days it was announced that Regensburg, Germany will host one of the four qualifiers.

When the official announcement comes, we will keep you updated here.

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Panama – 2011 Baseball World Cup Day 4 Results and Standings


PANAMA – Canada continued to roll with a 12-2 route of Greece. The Dominican Republic rolled as well with a 13-2 victory over Germany on Day 4 of the 2011 Baseball World Cup. Four teams remain undefeated with Canada, The Netherlands, Panama, and Cuba all improving to 3-0.

Greece 2, Canada 12
Germany 2, Dominican Republic 13
Japan 2, Netherlands 5
Italy 6, Nicaragua 3
Panama 4, Puerto Rico 2
Chinese Taipei 1, USA 15
South Korea 8, Australia 0
Cuba 14, Venezuela 2

Only 1 games is slated for Wednesday as the USA and Japan will play a make up game after their match was rained out on Sunday.

Everyone is back in the swing of things on Thursday with a few good games including Venezuela taking on the Dominican Republic and Germany/Italy squaring off. South Korea will also try to hand Cuba its first loss of the tournament.

2011 Baseball World Cup Schedule:

Wednesday 5pm Japan vs USA

Thursday 2pm Netherlands vs Puerto Rico
Thursday 2pm USA vs Greece
Thursday 2pm Nicaragua vs Australia
Thursday 2pm Venezuela vs Dominican Republic
Thursday 7:30pm Japan vs Panama
Thursday 7:30pm Canada vs Chinese Taipei
Thursday 7:30pm Italy vs Germany
Thursday 7:30pm Cuba vs South Korea

2011 Baseball World Cup Standings:
Group 1:
1. Canada 3-0
2. Netherlands 3-0
3. Panama 3-0
4. Puerto Rico 1-2
5. USA 1-1
6. Chinese Taipei 0-3
7. Greece 0-3
8. Japan 0-2

Group 2:
1. Cuba 3-0
2. Venezuela 2-1
3. South Korea 2-1
4. Italy 2-1
5. Dominican Republic 2-1
6. Nicaragua 1-2
7. Australia 0-3
8. Germany 0-3

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2011 Baseball World Cup – USA vs Chinese Taipei

PANAMA – The USA bounced back after a disappointed 10 inning defeat to Puerto Rico to down Chinese Taipei 15-1 in a 7 inning match on Tuesday in front of  a crowd of 1700.

U.S.A………………… 001 724 1 – 15 12 0 (1-1)
CHINESE TAIPEI…… 001 000 0 – 1 6 3 (0-3)

The game was close for 3 innings with the score tied at 1, then the USA blew the game open with a 7 run 4th inning. Tacking on 6 more runs over the 5th and 6th really put the game out of reach. The USA used the long ball hitting 4 in the game off of Chinese Taipei pitching.

Matt Clark and Jordy Mercer were both 3-for-3 with 3 RBI, 3 runs scored, and a home run. Thomas Mendonca chipped in 2 RBI and a round tripper, while Allen Pollack drove in 3 as well with a home run.

Andy Van Hekken went 6 innings giving up 1 run on 4 hits to pick up the win. Kuan Ju Chen didn’t fair as well going only 3.2 innings giving up 5 runs to take the loss.

The win pushes the US record to 1-1 while dropping the Chinese Taipei to 0-3.

Next up for the USA is Japan on Wednesday to make up for the rained out game on Sunday.

Chinese Taipei will look for their first win against Canada on Thursday.

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2011 Baseball World Cup – Italy vs Nicaragua

PANAMA – Italy improved to 2-1 with a 6-3 victory over Nicaragua in front of 250 fans on Tuesday to improve 2-1.

NICARAGUA……….. 000 300 000 – 3 9 0 (1-2)
ITALY……………….. 212 001 00X – 6 11 1 (2-1)

Italy jumped out to a 5-0 lead after 3 innings and never looked back. Italian starter Cody Cillo lasted only 3.2 innings giving up 3 runs, 0 earned, giving up 4 hits, 3 walks, and striking out 3. Cillo threw 80 pitches in the 3+ innings. Alessandro Maestri provided 3.1 innings of solid relief to earn the win for Italy giving up only 3 hits along the way. Yovani D’Amico picked up the save.

Juan Carlos Infante set the table for Italy going 2-for-5 and scoring a run from the lead off spot. Shortstop Anthony Granato chipped in with a 3-for-5 day including the days only home run driving in 2 runs and scoring 2. First baseman Giuseppe Mazzanti was a homer shy of the cycle going 3-for-4 with 3 RBI.

Elvin Antonio Orozco lasted only 1.2 innings in the start for Nicaragua giving up 3 runs on 4 hits to take the loss. Nicaragua went through 5 relievers. Jose Guido went 3-for-4 with 2 RBI in the loss as Nicaragua dropped to 1-2.

Nicaragua will take on Australia on Thursday.

Italy will take on Germany on Thursday night in the battle of Europe.

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2011 Baseball World Cup Japan vs. Netherlands

PANAMA – The Netherlands improved to 3-0 with a 5-2 victory over Japan in the 2011 Baseball World Cup in front of 1200 spectators Tuesday afternoon.

NETHERLANDS……… 000 400 001 – 5 6 0
JAPAN…………………. 001 000 100 – 2 8 3

Japan jumped out to an early lead in the 3rd inning on a Yuichi Tabata (1-for-4) double scoring Yoshinobu Kotegawa (2-for-3) who had doubled the at bat before.

But the lead didn’t last long as The Netherlands stormed back with 4 runs of their own in the top of the 4th inning. It all started with a Sharlon Schoop (1-for-5) double to right. Bryan Engelhardt (2-for-5) then singled and both runners advanced on a throwing error by the pitcher who was trying to pick off Engelhardt at first base. After a walk and a fielder’s choice the bases were loaded for Shaldimar Daantji (1-for-2) who cleared them with a ringing double to left.

In the end that is all The Netherlands would need as they cruised to a 5-2 victory. Robbie Cordemans pitched 6 strong innings allowing only 1 run on 5 hits while striking out 2 to pick up the win. Engelhardt was the only Dutch hitter with more than 1 hit.

Masamitsu Hamano lasted only 3.1 innings for Japan giving up 3 runs, 1 earned, on 3 hits and 3 walks. The Japanese threw Johnnie Allstaff going with 6 pitchers out of the bullpen. Kotegawa was the only Japanese hitter with more than 1 hit.

The Netherlands improve to 3-0 while Japan drops to 0-2 for the tournament.

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Panama: 2011 Baseball World Cup Results

PANAMA – The 2011 Baseball World Cup is underway in Panama and already there have been some exciting games and upsets.

Panama 8, Greece 3

Panama opened the tournament off with a win against Greece on Saturday October 1.  Greece started off with a bang scoring 3 runs in the 2nd inning, but Panama came right back in the bottom half of the inning scoring 3 runs to tie the game. Panama put the game away in the 6th with 4 runs.

The first full day of action consisted of 7 games, although one was rained out.

Puerto Rico 1, Canada 9
Netherlands 2, Chinese Taipei 1
Australia 0, Cuba 14
Germany 4, Nicaragua 5
Japan v USA (Rained Out)
Venezuela 5, South Korea 4
Dominican Republic 7, Italy 0

Day 2 saw some more interesting action with Canada defeating Japan and South Korea downed Germany in extra innings.

Canada 3, Japan 1
Netherlands 10, Greece 0
Cuba 3, Dominican Republic 0
Italy 7, Australia 0
USA 4, Puerto Rico 8
Chinese Taipei 8, Panama 14
South Korea 6, Germany 5
Nicaragua 2, Venezuela 5

Cuba leads Group 2 with a 3-0 record followed by Venezuela, South Korea, Italy, Dominican Republic all with 2-1 records.

Canada, Netherlands, and Panama all lead Group 1 with a 3-0 record.

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Panama: Los Santos Wins and Returns to the Finals

Los Santos qualified for their third final in the last four seasons of the Major Baseball National Championship by defeating Chiriquí 7-2, in the semifinal series at Olmedo Sole Las Tablas Stadium. Asea of ??orange burst with excitement in the stands as players on the field celebrated their victory and positions them closer to the crown. In yesterday’s game, Colombian righty Javier Ortiz earned the victory, while Abraham Aguilar excelled on offense with a homer and five RBI. Skipper, Aristides Bustamante has led Los Santos to a 6-1 mark and they have two remaining games to complete their schedule in this semifinal series. Los Santos won back to back national titles in 2008 and 2009; beating Veraguas and Panama Metro respectively. In 2010, they failed to overcome the round of six teams as they were eliminated in a tie breaker by Chiriquí. However, this season Los Santos have proven to be the most consistent team of the year.

Chiriquí’s play-off picture is more complicated, as it is in the basement with a 2-5 mark. Although they have possibilities to qualify; they will depend on other results, where Panama West and Bocas del Toro are involved. In the other game beat Panama West beat Bocas del Toro by a score of 5-4 and now both are tied with a record of 3-4. Today’s games are Los Santos, already qualified, will host Panama West and Chiriqui will host Bocas del Toro.

Semifinal Standings:

Team Won Lost
Los Santos 06 01
Bocas Del Toro 03 04
Panama West 03 04
Chiriqui 02 05


Jose Jerez is a BaseballdeWorld Latin Correspondent

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Panama: Atlas Cup Update

There will be a New Champion

Defending champion, Panama Metro is eliminated in the round of six. Metro traveled to Changuinola to be eliminated by Panama West; who got their first pass to the semifinals since 2004 in the Major Baseball Championship.

Metro did not get the job done and lost at the hands of Bocas del Toro in the first game of a doubleheader played at Byron Calvin Stadium, in the city of Changuinola. Bocas del Toro shut them out 7-0 thanks to an excellent performance by starter, Alberto ‘Rocambo’ Acosta. Acosta threw six innings and did not allow any hit; he also struck out seven for the win. Euclides Bethancourt pitched the remainder of the game in relief for Bocas del Toro. Panama Metro’s loss put their play-off hopes in critical condition and awaited the outcome of the Panama West/Bocas del Toro game to determine their fate.

Panama West were the determined upstart and has flown under the radar this season, until going into Bocas del Toro’s intimidating home field and earned their spot in the semi-finals with a 2- 1 win. Venezuelan reinforcement starter, Kevin Alarcón and relief pitcher Jorge Cortez combined to hold Bocas del Toro’s offense to one run. Panama West has not advanced to this stage of the tournament
since 2004; when they lost in the final to Chiriqui.

“We have passed yet another stage of this tournament and now it’s behind us…what remains is thinking about the next round, preparing mentally and physically for what lies ahead is more complicated. We are pleased with what has transpired, but we are looking for more, ‘said the manager of Panama West, Luis Muñoz.

The Baseball Federation has announced the semifinals schedule starting tomorrow. Los Santos will visit Chiriqui at Kenny Serracín Stadium; and Bocas del Toro hosts Panama West at Calvin Byron Stadium; both games start at 7:30 pm.

Round of Six Final Standings:

Team Won Lost
Bocas Del Toro 09 04
Los Santos 09 05
Chiriqui 08 05
Panama West 07 07
Panama Metro 06 09
Veraguas 02 11


Jose Jerez is a BaseballdeWorld Latin Correspondent

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Panama: Veraguas Looses 5th Straight

Panama Metro 10 – 5 Panama Oeste
Left fielder, Ciro Rosero’s three run homerun in the fifth was his only hit of the night and catcher Cesar Quintero’s 4 for 5, with a homerun and 3 runs scored led Metro’s offensive explosion.

Los Santos 9 – 8 Veraguas
Veraguas losing streak is now at five after a heartbreaking collapse in eleven innings to Los Santos. Veraguas was leading 8 – 0 after three innings and then their pitching fell apart. Starter, Jose Cueto allowed 4 runs in the fourth inning, Severino Gonzalez allowed 2 runs in three innings of work and Abraham Atencio allowed the tying run in the eighth and the losing run in the eleventh for a total 3 runs in four and a third innings.

Current Standings:

Team Won Lost
Chiriqui 05 03
Los Santos 05 03
Panama Metro 04 04
Panama West 04 04
Bocas del Toro 02 03
Veraguas 02 05

Jose Jerez is a BaseballdeWorld Latin Correspondent

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Panama: Copa Atlas Results and Standings

Panama’s Copa Atlas results for April 3

Veraguas 6 – 3 Bocas del Toro

Veraguas’ centerfielder David Montilla was the main offensive contributor going 2 for 4 with 1 Home run, 4 RBI and 1 run scored. Veraguas used four different pitchers resulting in 3 earned runs, 7 hits, 7 walks and 3 strikeouts. Julio Camargo got the win and Eduardo Sierra collected the save.

Los Santos 5 – 11 Panama Metro

Panama Metro pitching contained the hot Los Santos bats and had an offensive explosion of their own to take the win. Metro’s offense was led by third baseman Ciro Rosero who went 3 for 6, 2 RBI, 3 runs scored and 2 stolen bases.

Chiriqui 6 – 3 Panama West

Chiriqui starter, Raul Gonzalez’ six innings, 2 runs allowed along with relievers Arauz’s one and a third pitched with an earned run and Galva’s one and two third innings save was enough to defeat Panama West. Chiriqui’s main offensive contributors were third baseman, Xavier Tapia going 2 for 4 with 2 runs scored and first baseman, Carlos Quiroz going 2 for 4 with 2 RBI.

???Scheduled for April 4th
Bocas del Toro @ Panama Metro
Panama West @ Veraguas

Current Standings:

Team Won Lost
Veraguas 01 00
Los Santos 02 01
Chiriqui 02 01
Panama Metro 01 01
Panama West 01 02
Bocas del Toro 00 02

Jose Jerez is a BaseballdeWorld Latin Correspondent

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Panama: Teams Fighting for Spots in Second Round

Panama West has secured its place in the next round of the Major National Championship with 6-2 victory over Colon last night at Mariano Bula Stadium. Eloy Moreno allowed one run in seven innings of work to guide Panama West to a win. They join Los Santos, Chiriqui and Bocas del Toro as teams that have already qualified. Coclé wasn’t so lucky, their relief could not protect a one run lead and lost to Herrera 7-6; postponing their qualifying to the next round. Only two more berths remain undetermined and there are three teams competing for them; Cocle, Panama Metro and Veraguas. The lowly Chiriquí Occidente are still looking for their first win and they’ll get their chance against Darien; the second worst team. All the make-up games will be played on March 30th and 31st.

Current Standings:

Team Won Lost
Los Santos 16 04
Chiriqui 13 06
Bocas Del Toro 12 06
Panama Oeste 12 07
Cocle 11 08
Panama Metro 11 08
Veraguas 10 09
Herrera 10 09
Colon 07 13
Darien 04 15
Chiriqui Occidente 00 19

Jose Jerez is a BaseballdeWorld Latin Correspondent

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Panama: Sotolongo’s CG helps Panama Metro past Herrera

By Jose Jerez

The Copa Atlas Majors National Championship continued on Friday. Panama Metro defeated Herrera 2 – 1 at Rico Cedeño Stadium thanks to an excellent complete game performance by Roberto Sotolongo; he allowed three hits and no walks. In the fourth inning Alberto Aviles broke 1-1 tie with an RBI single. It was Metro’s was ninth victory in 13 games, which placed tied for third with Chiriqui. Herrera, meanwhile, lost for the eighth time in 11 games and is in eighth place. In the other games, Coclé beat Colon 4-1 and West Panama won 2 – 1 over Darien, thanks to a Carlos Alvarez complete game.

Saturday’s Games:

Coclé @ West Panama 19:00
Panamá Metro @ Los Santos 19:30
Darién @ Veraguas 19:30

Current Standings:

Team Won Lost
COCLE 06 04
COLON 04 09
DARIEN 03 09

Jose Jerez is a BaseballdeWorld Latin Correspondent

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Panama to host 2011 IBAF Baseball World Cup

Havana, Cuba – The Executive Committee of the IBAF today awarded the hosting rights of the 2011 IBAF Baseball World Cup to Panama. The event rights were also contested by baseball powerhouse Venezuela, however the executive committee gave Panama the opportunity after careful deliberation and finally a vote of the committee. Panama’s Ruben Cardenas, General Director of the Sports Ministry led the presentation to the IBAF Executive Committee.

The event is slated to include 16 competing teams and will be held in the last week of September and the first week of October.

Panama City will be the primary city for the event, and also the host of Pool A, while Aguadulce, Cocle; Santiago, Veragues; and Chitre, Herrera will play host to Pool B.

“Panama’s bid looks very promising for the event, and there is no doubt they will be an excellent host and provide a memorable experience for the 2011 edition of the IBAF Baseball World Cup,” stated IBAF President, Riccardo Fraccari from Havana.

A full review of the executive will be available on IBAF.org in the coming days.

Courtesy IBAF.org

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Who will win the 2017 World Baseball Classic?

  • Puerto Rico (31%, 27 Votes)
  • Dominican Republic (13%, 11 Votes)
  • USA (13%, 11 Votes)
  • Mexico (11%, 10 Votes)
  • Other (8%, 7 Votes)
  • Cuba (8%, 7 Votes)
  • Venezuela (6%, 5 Votes)
  • Netherlands (5%, 4 Votes)
  • Japan (5%, 4 Votes)
  • Chinese Taipei (1%, 1 Votes)
  • South Korea (1%, 1 Votes)
  • Canada (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 88

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