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Fan Duel – A New Way to Play Fantasy Baseball

So I am hooked on something that isn’t necessarily new, but it is new to me – Fan Duel.

I used to play fantasy baseball every year. I even managed to win a few times (I have a banner from an ESPN league somewhere), but eventually I had to stop. I simply put in too much time and let it get in the way of other things.

These days I don’t change lineups every day depending on who is playing. I don’t even play every day. I only play when I have time and usually when I have some time to actually watch the games which for me these days is only a couple times a week. So I don’t feel the need to do it every day, and I am winning a few dollars.

FanDuel.com is a gambling site. So if you are not into gambling it might not be for you, but you can also play for free. There are multiple ways to play. I usually play head-to-head or in a 50/50 league and only for small stakes. But it is fun.

Each player is assigned a value and then you have $35,000 to purchase players ranging from $2,000 to nearly $10,000. You earn points for what they do on the field and the winners win actual money. You never get stuck with the guy who is on the DL because you pick your lineups daily.

I like it and even though it is not going to pay the rent, it might buy me an occasional beer or two. If you sign up through one of the links on our site, we get a small commission which helps keep our site up and running. You can even challenge your friends. I do it all the time. So if you sign up through us, send us an email and we can do a challenge together (low stakes of course – I’m not a high roller).

If you play, I’d like to hear what you think of it. Leave a comment below and let us know.






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Minor League Fantasy Baseball Game Launched

UNITED STATES – Box Baseball, the ultimate simulation fantasy baseball game, today announced the launch of a new Box Baseball Minors fantasy game. Box Baseball Minors is the first daily simulation fantasy baseball game using real-life minor league player statistics. Box Baseball Minors will be offered free for 2010 with the purchase of any team from the regular Box Baseball fantasy game.

Traditional online fantasy baseball games allow managers to draft minor league players who generally sit on their benches, unable to contribute unless called up to the Majors. With Box Baseball Minors, managers can draft any minor league player from Class A to Triple A and field a team and compete in a league dedicated to tomorrow’s stars. Results are based on how those minor league players do in real life. Box Baseball Minors plays approximately an 80 game schedule in step with real life.

Box Baseball is an online fantasy baseball game unlike anything on the market today. Box Baseball offers:

• Daily results based on previous games’ stats (predictive).
• The most realistic fantasy baseball simulation engine algorithm.
• Incorporation of many baseball stats including ballpark effects and zone performances for outs. and hits

Three affordable options are available for the 2010 season of Box Baseball. Users can play the 2010 season for only $8.97 per month for eight months, or save 40% and pay only $59 upfront (reduced from the regular price of $97). Entire fantasy leagues that come on board will only need to pay $25 per team. All Box managers will receive their Box Minors team free of charge.

Learn more about Box Baseball Minors and sign up today at www.boxbaseball.com.

About Box Baseball
Box Baseball is the final word in fantasy baseball. Launched in 2009, it combines true predictive simulation with daily results and a user-friendly web site. Box Baseball is unlike any other fantasy baseball game on the market, moving beyond simple Rotisserie and points-based games. Box Baseball offers both major league and minor league fantasy games. Break out of the box and learn more at www.boxbaseball.com.

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