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WBSC Europe Announces New Super 6 Baseball Tournament

Recently the WBSC Europe announces new Super 6 Baseball Tournament for 2018. The new tournament will feature the top 6 teams in both baseball and softball for an event in Hoofddorp, Netherlands.

The event will take place from September 18-23. The six teams that will comprise the baseball tournament will be The Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, and Belgium. These six nations placed in the top 6 of the 2016 European Baseball Championship.

The event will showcase the best Europe has to offer in baseball.

It is not clear if this will be an event that is played after every European Championship. The next Euro Championship is in 2019, a year before the Tokyo Olympics.

WBSC Europe Announces New Super 6 Baseball Tournament

Stay tuned here for more developments on the Super 6.

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Josh Collmenter Looking to Pitch Overseas in 2018

Free agent pitcher Josh Collmenter is looking to pitch overseas in 2018. As first reported by our friends over at BaseballJobsOverseas.com, the 7-year MLB veteran wants to impact the game somewhere.

This is something that I am very happy to see. It has happened in the past, but not very often and with not much fanfare. The first that I can remember, and I had not idea it happened at the time, was Lenny Randle back in the 1980s. Last year former Royals player Mark Teahen played a summer in Italy. He even did a great interview with Gabriel Fidler over at ExtraInnings.co.uk. Sadly, Teahen has confirmed he will not return for 2018 to play.

There are so many ways in which a former MLB player can impact the game in Europe. Josh Collmenter may not be the biggest named star, but he has the ability to really impact the game. I will go ahead and admit I am a huge fan because he played for my favorite team, the Atlanta Braves.

The right-handed pitcher has pitched for 7 season in the big leagues with the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Braves. He had a very solid rookie campaign in 2011 going 10-10 with an ERA of just 3.38 for the NL West winning Diamondbacks. He has an overall record of 38-35 over his career.

The impact goes beyond being a name brand. Although just being a MLB player would definitely bring fans out to the stadiums. But the big impact comes from teaching the young players and coaches in Europe. He could impact a young pitcher in a way that many cannot. Even if Collmenter just pitched a few times, being around him and talking to him every day is where the true impact will come from. Also allowing young players, pitchers or not, to see how he trains can impact a team as well. That impact will be felt throughout the league in which he chooses to play.

It will be interesting to see where he lands. But no matter where it winds up being, he will make an impact that will be felt for years. I’m very happy to see that this is what he is choosing to do.

Be sure to head over and read the article from David Burns over at BaseballJobsOverseas.com. David does a fantastic job and he runs THE site for players looking to play overseas. The article links to some very funny videos that Collmenter stars in, so if nothing else go watch those.

Josh Collmenter Looking to Pitch Overseas in 2018

Stay tuned for more information as this story progresses. We will continue to update the story here.

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Austria Faces Off with Lithuania in Promotion Playoff this June

It has been announced that Austria will face off with Lithuania this summer in a three-game series. The two nations won the B-Pool playoffs a summer ago, now they will face off with one another in Wiener Neustadt beginning in late June.

The winner will advance to the 2019 European Championships which will take place in Bonn and Solingen, Germany. The loser will have another chance to qualify in 2019 through the B-Pool Qualifiers.

The Diving Ducks will host the event between the two nations, and they are no strangers to hosting international events. They hosted the U15 European Championships in 2017. The three-game series will take place between June 29-July 1. This event only helps to improve and push further expansion of the sport within Austria.

The series will be televised for those not in attendance, but the host team will be up against a solid opponent. Lithuania ranks #35 in the world. Austria is currently ranked #29.

Click here for more posts on Austria.

Click here for more posts on Lithuania.

austria lithuania baseball

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Baseball and History Trip to Europe

After years of hoping, changing plans, new jobs, new living locations, and working my way through a graduate program (still working on this unfortunately) I am finally ready to make the plunge and head to Europe. Last June I found an unbelievable flight to Berlin, so I snatched it up quickly. My problem was it was just a one-way ticket. I figured if things didn’t work out, I wasn’t out much money.

Then it happened. I said screw it I’m going.

I found another one-way ticket back from Munich using some points that I could transfer to an airline. I got a pretty sweet deal on a business class flight home. So now I’m ready.

I am going for 5 weeks, and when I tell people that here they ask how can I afford it. Well for one, I will do it on the cheap. I have hotel points saved up that will cover many knights while I am on the road. The rest will be spent in hostels around different countries. I am by no means a rich man, but if you plan it is doable.

My goal is to see as much baseball as possible while I am there, but as many historical places as well. If you don’t know, by day I am a high school history teacher. I have so many things I want to do and see, and I know I will not be able to see and do it all.

I am still patiently waiting for baseball schedules to be finalized, so I can really start planning. My goal is to hit four different countries including Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, and Austria. There are so many great baseball teams in those countries and I hope to see a few of them.

I’d love to hear some suggestions on teams/stadiums to see. I am even looking at some of the lower leagues (2nd tier in these countries) to find additional games in case I am in a city where there isn’t a 1st tier team. Many people have already reached out, and for that I am grateful. I hope to be able to put a few faces to names/Twitter handles during the trip. So if you are around and want to catch a game or grab a beer/coffee, let me know here, via email, or on Twitter. I will also be looking to interview some players, coaches, and fans along the way.

I am very excited about the trip. I’ve read about, watch games online, and talked to so many people about baseball in Europe and so being able to be there and see some games is very exciting. I am hoping to make this a yearly or at least biennial event to see more and more countries and teams along the way.

Keep up with us here and on Twitter through #BaseballJourneyman

Baseball and History Trip to Europe

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Groups for National Team Tournaments Announced for 2017 by CEB

The Technical Commission of the Confederation of European Baseball (CEB) announced the groups for national team championships for 2017.

The European Championship B-Pool will determine the last two spots for the 2018 European Championship in Germany, while the U23 European Championship will be occurring for the first time this August.

European Championship B-Pool
July 24/25– 29/30, 2017

Group 1: Miejska Gorka/Poland
1) Russia
2) Belarus
3) Ukraine
4) Lithuania
5) Poland
6) Slovakia

Group 2: Belgrade/Serbia
1) Serbia
2) Austria
3) Switzerland
4) Bulgaria
5) Greece
6) Israel

European Championship U23
Brno/Czech Republic
August 7 – 13, 2017

Group A – Brno/CZE
1) Netherlands
2) Croatia
3) Russia
4) Belarus

Group B – Wels/AUT
1) Spain
2) Great Britain
3) Austria
4) Poland

Group C – Trnava/SVK
1) Germany
2) France
3) Slovakia
4) Georgia

Group D – Brno/CZE
1) Czech Republic
2) Belgium
3) Ukraine
4) Lithuania

European Championship Qualifier Juniors U18
July 10/11 – 15/16, 2017

Group 1: Zuerich/Switzerland
1) Belgium
2) Russia
3) Poland
4) Ireland
5) Switzerland
6) Austria

Group 2: Varazdin/Croatia
1) Ukraine
2) Croatia
3) Sweden
4) Belarus
5) Slovakia

European Championship Cadets U15
Wiener Neustadt/Austria
July 17 – 23, 2017

Group A
1) Czech Republic
2) Russia
3) Austria
4) Poland
5) Netherlands

Group B
1) France
2) Germany
3) Lithuania
4) Italy
5) Spain

European Championship Juveniles U12
Utrecht/The Netherlands
July 10 – 16, 2017

Group A
1) Germany
2) Austria
3) France
4) Netherlands
5) Belarus

Group B
1) Czech Republic
2) Russia
3) Poland
4) Ukraine
5) Italy

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Euro League Games Postponed

Some bad news for the new Euro League Baseball came down from the CEB (European Federation) notifying the league that players competing in the ELB will not be able to participate in the European Champions Cup. So the games this coming weekend between Amsterdam Baseball and Draci Brno will have to be postponed since some of the L&D Amsterdam Pirates play for Amsterdam Baseball.

The players will be allowed to play after the European Champions Cup, but scheduling may be an issue for the ELB since the teams already have a full slate of league games.  The ECC will take place the first week of June. The league has not announced if/when the games will be rescheduled.

Press Release Euro League Baseball

(Amsterdam)- The management of Euro League Baseball and Team Amsterdam have decided to postpone the games of Team Amsterdam which were scheduled for May 15 and 16.

The reason for this, is the odd move of CEB (European Federation) to inform L&D Amsterdam that its players may not be eligible to play European Cup (EC) games if they participate in the ELB.

All the players participating in the European Cups shall be:
– regularly registered with their club.
– regularly registered in the national competition with their club the running year, with which they participate in the European Cup competition. The player is not allowed to play for another team in the running year till the start of the European Cups.
In case of a complaint, the information received by C.E.B. from the National Federation, will rule.

The original reason for the introduction of the rule was to ban competition fraud, which is not the case in this particular situation. In the past, there has been similar situations which didn’t lead to disqualification. It’s comparable with college players returning to their parent club in Europe.

Despite we’re convinced that the rule is misused to put pressure on L&D Amsterdam to drop out, we can’t ask the team’s management to take the risk of losing players’ eligibility.

This is a big disappointment since the KNBSB (Dutch Federation) recently informed all involved parties that it agreed on the participation of its members in Team Amsterdam.

It’s still not clear why the turnaround in the approach of the CEB came so unexpected and not before this weekend, while they previously informed us that they would follow the National Federations.

We’ll keep you informed about any developments regarding team Amsterdam and are grateful for the big support we’ve received. We still believe the team would be a great addition for European baseball and its fans.

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Euro League Baseball Begins Play

Perhaps the biggest development in European baseball this past year has been is the Euro League that was established and started play this spring.

Initially there are four teams playing in the league from different leagues around Europe. Amsterdam Baseball was created to compete in the league and will be comprised of some of the Dutch League Amsterdam Pirates.

Each team will play twelve games with six home and six away. The season began on April 19th and will continue through September.

This is a huge step forward in forming a Europe wide league that could encompass many of the great leagues that are already present in countries like Germany, Italy, France, and so many more.

Inaugural Euro League Teams:

Amsterdam Baseball

German Bundesliga
Buchbinder Leagionaire
Haar Disciples

Czech Extraleague
Draci Brno

Stay tuned as we will bring you updates on games, standings, and news and notes from around the league as it progresses.

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Europe gets historic victory, defeats No. 1 Japan 6-2 in global baseball showing in Tokyo

Press Release WBSC

TOKYO – Debuting in a two-game series at the Tokyo Dome against the top-ranked nation in the world, Europe recorded its historic first victory for the continent, defeating Japan 6-2 to split the two-game series.

Like in Game 1, Europe managed to get out of the gates early, tagging Samurai starter Takahiro Matsuba for back-to-back doubles in the second inning, authored by Italy’s Mario Chiarini and Spain’s Blake Ochoa, which put Europe up 2-0.

A towering three-run home run by the Netherlands’ Yurendell Decaster in the bottom of the third gave Europe a 5-0 lead. (VIDEO: Decaster HR)

With the cushion, Europe starter Diegomar Marwell (Netherlands) kept Japan’s bats quiet through three innings, only allowing three hits.

In the 5th, Tetsuto Yamada launched a solo home run and Yoshitomo Tsutsugo’s RBI single cut Europe’s lead to 5-2.

Europe manager Steve Janssen handed the ball to Germany’s Luke Sommer, who pitched a clean 6th to 8th innings.

Dutch flamethrower Tom Stuifbergen pitched the final inning, using a 95 mph/153 kmh fastball close out the game and register the save for Europe.

Sommer was credited with the win. Japan starter Matsuba took the loss.

The historic win for Europe follows the announcement by baseball’s world governing body, WBSC, to establish Team Europe. Europe was immediately pitted against the world No. 1 Japanese National Team, “Samurai Japan”, made up of top stars from Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB). The majority of players on Japan’s current roster were part of the Samurai selection that faced Team MLB in a best-of-five series, won by hosts Japan, last November.

Both WBSC President Riccardo Fraccari and NPB Commissioner Katsuhiko Kumazaki went down on the field Wednesday night to congratulate the European team, following their 6-2 win and two exciting contests in as many nights.

“These two highly competitive games send another message to the world that Europe can compete with anyone and that our sport is more global than ever,” President Fraccari said.

Two European countries, No. 5 Netherlands and No. 11 Italy, are among the elite field heading to the inaugural Premier 12™ that will unite baseball’s top twelve countries.

Samurai Japan manager Hiroki Kokubo said, “We have to give them credit. They’ve come a long way and played the game at a high level.”

“The victory was a historic one, as it was the debut of the multinational Team Europe,” The Japan Times reported.

Head coach Janssen (Netherlands National Team manager) and bench coach Marco Mazzieri (Italy National Team manager) compiled a roster of 28 European players from six countries: (by world rank) Netherlands, Italy, No. 17 Spain, No. 18 Germany, No. 20 Czech Republic and No. 27 France.

No. 36 Belgium and No. 39 Austria were also represented as part of Europe’s coaching staff.

Yokohama BayStars rising star Tsutsugo, 23, was one of the bright spots for the Samurai in the series, collecting a pair of hits and RBIs. “I would like come up with positive results during the [NPB] season [that are] worthy of a Samurai Japan member,” he said.

Over 44,000 people attended the historic matches, with an increase in attendance of approximately 2,000 more fans for Game 2, following Samurai Japan’s thrilling 4-3 come-from-behind victory in Game 1 Tuesday night.

The two-game series was broadcast free-to-air nationally across Japan by the Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS), while Eurosport 2 transmitted the games live to potentially 73 million households across more than 50 European nations.

Prior to the start of Game 2 there was a moment of silence to honor the victims and raise awareness of ongoing recovery efforts four years after the 11 March 2011 Tsunami devastated the Fukushima region.

NPB — the second highest-attended major sports league in the world in 2014 (approx. 23 million) and WBSC Associate Member — hosted the Europe versus Japan two-game series.

Umpires from the Chinese Professional Baseball League (CPBL; WBSC Associate Member) officiated the two games.

Leading sports performance brand Asics backed Europe as the official kit sponsor.

The game ball that marked Europe’s first-ever pitch in Game 1 Tuesday night will be going to Japan’s Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, along with Team Europe’s official game jersey.

In the two-game series, Japan outhit Europe 16 to 13. Japan played spotless defense with the glove, committing no errors on defense. Europe also flashed the leather, executing a pickoff and making only one error on defense.

Copyright © 2015 WBSC. All rights reserved.

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Global Baseball Match: Europe Reveals Starting Lineup #EURvsJPN

TOKYO, Japan – The All-Euro team announced its starting lineup for the first game of the Global Baseball Match against Japan. The game will take place later today in the Tokyo Dome.

The starting ten (with DH) will feature players from only three countries: Italy, Spain, and the Netherlands.

Europe manager Steve Janssen revealed the lineup via Twitter:


1. Juan Carlos Infante 3B (Italy)
2. Alessandro Vaglio 2B (Italy)
3. Curt Smith 1B (Netherlands)
4. Fernando Martinez RF (Spain)
5. Kaliam Sams LF (Netherlands)
6. Yurendell De Caster DH (Netherlands)
7. Oscar Angelo SS (Spain)
8. Ricardo Daschenko C (Netherlands)
9. Stefano Desimoni CF (Italy)
Rob Cordemans P (Netherlands)

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Global Baseball Match: Rob Cordemans Named Europe Starter for Game 1

TOKYO, Japan – It is only a few hours away from the big event of Europe versus Japan in the first ever Global Baseball Match.

Not long ago Europe manager Steven Janssen announced that his starting pitcher for Game 1 will be Dutch right-hander Rob Cordemans.

Rob has been a fixture on the Dutch National Team for years and has been a top European pitcher for the past ten years or more. He will be up against a stout Samurai Japan team.

The All-Euro team is behind the Japanese team in terms of training so far this year. Weather forced the European team’s warm up game. They have been forced to rely mainly on training indoors with a few outside practices. While Japan has already played a few spring games.

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Global Baseball Match: Japan Announces Starting Pitchers; Europe Announces Schedule

The Global Baseball Match between the Samurai Japan and the All-Euro team is approaching quickly. The two teams will meet next Tuesday and Wednesday in the Tokyo Dome for a pair of games.

Team Europe arrived in Japan yesterday and has announced its schedule. And there is news coming out now from the Japan squad as well as they have announced their starting pitchers for the two games.

Starting in Game 1 will be Daichi Osera of the Hiroshima Toyo Carp. Osera, a 23-year old right hander, won the 2014 Rookie of the Year Award this past season posting a 10-8 record with a 4.05 ERA.

Pitching Game 2 will be the Orix Buffaloes Takahiro Matsuba. He went 8-1 in 2014 in 21 starts. He posted an ERA of just 2.77 in his second year in the league.

Schedule courtesy IBAF.org

Friday, 6 March: Visit To Fukushima – Four Years Later

Following the team workout session Friday, members of Team Europe will visit the Fukushima region that was devastated on 11 March 2011. The area is still in the process of recovery from the disaster, and the visit is intended to pay tribute and raise awareness of the region’s ongoing recovery efforts.

Saturday, 7 March: Baseball Clinic with School Children

School children will join the team and have the opportunity to play ball and engage with the European players in a one-hour session after Europe’s official team practice.

Sunday, 8 March: Test match vs. Yomiuri Giants minor league team

On Sunday, Team Europe will play a friendly match versus the minor league affiliate of the Yomiuri Giants. Europe’s coaching staff will get its first opportunity to evaluate the team and get in some ‘live’ game experience.

Monday, 9 March: Practice Session And Press Conference

Team Europe’s final workout will take place at QVC Stadium.

Representatives from both Samurai Japan and Team Europe will attend a press conference at QVC Stadium. The time of the press conference is scheduled for 13:00 – 13:30local time. 

Tuesday, 10 March: Europe vs Japan Game 1 – 18:00

Europe will make its debut on the international stage as the visiting team, wearing their road grey jersey.

Photo shoots for both Europe and Japan will also be organized at the Tokyo Dome prior to pre-game batting practice.

Wednesday, 11 March: Europe vs Japan Game 2 – 18:00

Europe will play its first-ever game as the home team, sporting the white jersey. A special Opening Ceremony will be held prior to Game 2 at 17:25.

Broadcast Coverage

Both games of the historic Europe vs Japan Series will be broadcast ‘live’ in Europe via Eurosport 2, in addition to national coverage in Japan.

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Andruw Jones Withdraws from Europe vs. Japan Series

Team Europe lost a high profile player today as 10-time MLB Gold Glove winner Andruw Jones withdrew from the team for its upcoming trip to Japan.

Jones would have been a representative of the Netherlands for Team Europe in the Global Baseball Match coming up next week in Japan.

He released the following statement through the World Baseball Softball Confederation:

“It is with tremendous regret that I announce the difficult decision that I will not be able to represent Team Europe in its historic debut versus the Japanese National Baseball Team in front of passionate and familiar Japanese fans. While I had initially planned to be part of Europe’s roster, new duties may call upon me to be away from home for the next several months, so spending as much time as I can at home with my family and children who are in school is the number one priority for me right now. It remains a great honour to have been selected by Coach Janssen to wear the Europe jersey and I wish Team Europe and the Samurai Japan Global Baseball event nothing but success. I will be following the games and hope this great initiative can continue to further globalise our sport.”

Jones spent 17 years in the Major Leagues and the past two in Japan as part of the NPB. The rest of the team will arrive today in Japan and begin workouts for the games tomorrow.

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Europe Logo and Jersey Revealed for Global Baseball Match Against Japan

The All-Euro team for the upcoming Global Baseball Match versus Japan has revealed both its logo and jersey.

A team of Europeans will take on some of the best from Japan in a two game series in March at the Tokyo Dome. The games will be held March 10 and 11.

The jersey, pictured below, will feature the home flag of each player’s home country on the right shoulder. Seven flags will be featured between the players and coaches representing Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands.

Asics is the official apparel sponsor for Team Europe.


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Eurosport 2 to Broadcast Global Baseball Match between Japan and All-Euro Team

The World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) announced earlier today that the upcoming Global Baseball Match between the No. 1 world ranked Japan versus an All-Euro team to take place in Tokyo on March 10 and 11 will be televised in Europe by Eurosport 2.

Eurosport 2 broadcasts to over 73 million homes across 51 counties and in 18 different languages. It has obtained the broadcasting rights for the inaugural event including online and mobile devices in all languages.

This is a big step for European baseball in opening up the door for many to view via television and online to some of the best baseball players on the continent and in Japan.

This could help spur more interest in the upcoming Premier 12 tournament that will take place in November featuring the world’s top 12 ranked teams. In the world top 12 there are two European nations that will compete in No. 5 Netherlands and No. 11 Italy. Both countries will have a strong presence on the All-Euro team.

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Japan Releases Roster for Global Baseball Match Versus All-Euro Team

The Samurai Japan roster has been announced for the upcoming Global Baseball Match between Japan and an All-Euro team. The two game series will take place at the Tokyo Dome on March 10-11. The world ranked #1 Japan will be led by Hiroki Kokubo and will feature 26 players.

All twelve NPB teams are represented on the roster with four players coming from both the defending 2014 champion Softbank Hawks and the Hiroshima Carp. Japan will head into the series as a heavy favorite despite missing some of its marque players.

Some of the bigger names from the NPB that will be participating include Yoshihiro Maru (.310/19/67), Tetsuto Yamada (.324/29/89), Yuhei Takai (.316/23/90), and Yuki Yanagita (.317/15/70).

Not to mention some of the great arms that are in Japan including 2014 Rookie of the Year Daichi Ohsera (10-8/4.05) and Shintaro Fujinami (11-8/3.53). While some of the bigger name pitchers will not participate, Japan will still have a fine staff for the two game series.

Samurai Japan Roster:
Daichi Ohsera (Hiroshima Carp)
Hirokazu Sawamura (Yomiuri Giants)
Shota Takeda (Softbank Hawks)
Shintaro Fujinami (Hanshin Tigers)
Kazuhisa Makita (Seibu Lions)
Katsuki Matayoshi (Chunichi Dragons)
Takahiro Matsuba (Orix Buffaloes)
Yuki Matsui (Rakuten Eagles)
Yuji Nishino (Chiba Lotte Mariners)
Shoichi Ino (Yokohama Bay Stars)

Tsubasa Aizawa (Hiroshima Carp)
Hikaru Ito (Orix Buffaloes)
Seiji Kobayashi (Yomiuri Giants)
Motohiro Shima (Rakuten Eagles)

Ginji Akaminai (Rakuten Eagles)
Kenta Imamiya (Softbank Hawks)
Ryosuke Kikuchi (Hiroshima Carp)
Nobuhiro Matsuda (Softbank Hawks)
Sho Nakata (Nippon Ham Fighters)
Hayato Sakamoto (Yomiuri Giants)
Tetsuto Yamada (Yakult Swallows)

Yoshihiro Maru (Hiroshima Carp)
Yohei Oshima (Chunichi Dragons)
Yuhei Takai (Yakult Swallows)
Yoshitomo Tsutsugo (Yokohama Bay Stars)
Yuki Yanagita (Softbank Hawks)

Coaching Staff:
Hiroki Kokubo (manager)
Toshihisa Nishi
Arihito Muramatsu
Kenichi Wakatabe
Atsunori Inaba
Akihiro Yano

The roster for the Euro team is expected to be release tomorrow.

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Italian Baseball Federation Releases Banner for Upcoming Euro vs. Japan Series

A global baseball match between the Samurai Japan team and an all Euro team will take place this coming March in Tokyo. The two teams will meet for a pair of games, and the Italian Baseball and Softball Federation (FIBS) just released the banner for the event via Twitter.

The game will take place on March 10 and 11 hosted by Japan at the Tokyo Dome. The World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) will be certifying the event.

via @FIBSpress on Twitter:


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A Parents Perspective of Playing Baseball Overseas

I get emails all the time from players wanting to find ways to get into baseball overseas. While I have made a few contacts over the years with different teams and organizations, I have not put in the time and effort needed to really build those relationships into helping teams find players, mainly because I don’t have the time. However, a friend of the sites, David Burns, has done just that.

Burns is a Canadian who has been living, working, and playing in Austria for a decade now. A year or so ago Burns started a website called Baseball Jobs Overseas where he helps put players with teams who are looking to fill out their rosters.

So a year or so ago when James Milo sent me an email hoping to find a place for his son to play in Europe, I sent him over to Burns. Luckily for everyone involved it worked out well. James’ son Dominic wound up finding a place in Germany playing with the Dohren Wild Farmers this past season where he put up good numbers in the Bundesliga North Division.

James and his wife were fortunate to make a visit to Germany over the summer to visit their son and watch him play ball. Recently James wrote an article for David Burns over at Baseball Jobs Overseas to give a parents perspective, and I thought I would post a link here because it is such a good read.

Notes from a German Baseball Trip 2013 by James Milo.

I would recommend reading it for anyone who is looking to play ball overseas. It gives some good insights on the process and overall is just a good read.

And if you are a player looking to find a place to play next summer, check out the site and join the forum where you can find more information. David Burns has also started a nice podcasts where he has some good guests talking about baseball overseas, how to find a job, and what to expect when you do.

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Russia Wins B-Level European Championship in Vienna

The B-Level European Championships were held this week in both Zurich and Vienna. Six teams competed at each site trying to win a spot in the 2014 European Championship to be held in the Czech Republic.

While Great Britain, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Poland, Switzerland, and Slovenia were competing in the B-Level Championship in Zurich. Austria, Belarus, Russia, Slovakia, Lithuania, and Ireland were playing in Vienna.

Through the round robin play, three teams were tied with a 4-1 record. Austria, Russia, and Belarus all finished with just a single loss. Due to the tie-breaker rules, Austria and Russia would face off with one another in the Championship Game for a spot in the 2014 European Championship.

It was a close and exciting game, but Russia would come out on top when it was all settled by a score of 3-2. Errors played a big role in the game as both team picked up unearned runs.

Austria jumped out on top 1-0 with a run in the second inning. With two outs, Felix Zimmerle (1-for-4) singled to start the rally. Lukas Scheicher (2-for-3) then singled to move Zimmerle to second, but an error by the Russia center fielder let Zimmerle come all the way around to score the first run of the game.

Austria picked up another run in the third inning. Fabian Hirnschal (0-for-2) led off the inning by getting hit by a pitch. He was quickly sacrificed to second base. Then after another ground out moved him to third, Peter Ferak singled (1-for-4) him home to give Austria a 2-0 lead.

Christian Tomsich was cruising on the mound for Austria. Through eight innings he had given up just one a run and had allowed only seven hits. However, in the top of the ninth he walked the lead off hitter and then gave up a single before being pulled for reliever Werner Harrasser.

Harrasser got the first batter he faced on a sacrifice that put runners at second and third with just one out. Then Aleksandr Maksiakov (1-for-2) was caught trying to steal home for the second out of the inning. It all looked good for Austria. The next hitter had an 0-2 count and it looked like they would advance. Then it happened.

A fly ball to center fielder Dominik Talir was dropped allowing a run to score to tie the game and opening up the way for Russia to take the win away from Austria. The next two hitters singled scoring the go ahead run for Russia and putting Austria in a corner heading into the bottom of the ninth.

Austria would make it interesting in the ninth. A one-out walk started it all, but with two outs and facing elimination, Richard Alzinger came up with a pinch-hit single to put runners at the corners. Austria was just a hit away from tying the game up. However, Andrey Lobanov settled down to get the final out and the win for Russia.

Lobanov went the distance for Russia giving up just two runs (one earned) on seven hits while striking out nine.

Peter Ferek (Austria) was named the tournament MVP. He hit .500 with five RBI. Victor Samchuk (Russia) was named the tournaments best hitter. He finished with a .750 average (6-for-8) with five walks. He was also 4-of-5 in stolen base attempts. Nikita Lobanov (Russia) was named the best pitcher. He struck out eight in his one appearance tossing a complete game and giving up just one unearned run.

B-Level European Championships Vienna Final Standings:

1. Russia 4-1
2. Austria 4-1
3. Belarus 4-1
4. Slovakia 2-3
5. Lithuania 1-4
6. Ireland 0-5

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Great Britain Wins B-Level European Championship in Zurich

The B-Level European Championships were held this week in both Zurich and Vienna. Six teams competed at each site trying to win a spot in the 2014 European Championship to be held in the Czech Republic.

Competing in Vienna were Austria, Belarus, Russia, Slovakia, Lithuania, and Ireland. And over in Zurich were Great Britain, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Poland, Switzerland, and Slovenia.

Each team played in a round robin format playing every other team once. The two teams with the best record would play one final game for the championship and a spot in next year’s European Championship.

In Zurich, Great Britain swept through the round robin play undefeated. They were led by Ian Young who led the entire tournament in hitting with a .571 average. He collected eight hits (2nd) and seven RBI (2nd to teammate Zach Wiley’s eight).

As a team Great Britain led the tournament in hitting (.359), doubles (12), runs (49), and fewest strikeouts (14). They also dominated the pitching stats as well. As a team its ERA was just 2.20 (1st), with 51 strikeouts (1st), and two saves (1st).

They faced off with a Ukraine team that went 3-2 in pool play losing only to Great Britain (4-2) and Switzerland (5-2). They placed second as a team in hitting, joining Great Britain as the only other team to hit over .300 with an average of .314.

The Championship Game was a close one once again with Great Britain coming out on top 2-0.

Greg Hendrix pitched a masterful game giving up just five hits tossing a complete game shutout. He struck out 13 in the win giving Great Britain a spot in next year’s European Championship.

Great Britain scored both of their runs in the second inning. The first coming off of an Ian Young (2-for-3) RBI single. Ryan Trask (2-for-3) came up with the other RBI when he singled in the second run of the inning. Hendrix did the rest.

Hendrix was named the MVP of the tournament. He won both of his starts giving up just four runs (two earned) in 16 innings while striking out 28 batters.  Ian Young was named the tournaments best hitter.

B-Level European Championship Zurich Final Standings:

1. Great Britain 5-0
2. Ukraine 3-2
3. Bulgaria 3-2
4. Poland 2-3
5. Switzerland 2-3
6. Slovenia 0-5

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Europe: 2013 BATC Cavaliers Name Kevin Roovers Head Coach

Press release Horbach Battle at the Castle Tournament

The BATC Cavaliers, one of the teams of the Horbach Battle at the Castle tournament, proudly present Kevin Roovers as their manager.

“Kevin Roovers is obviously a talented youth coach with lots of Dutch Major League experience to pass over to the kids. It didn’t takes us long to add Kevin to the managers corps when word got out that he would be interested in leading a team of youngsters during the tournament week” said the tournament management. “We are confident about his ability to teach youth players fundamentals but also to enjoy playing the game”.

Kevin Roovers pitched six seasons for HCAW in the Dutch Major League before returning to Oosterhout Twins in 2012, the place where he started playing baseball as a kid.

The Horbach Battle at the Castle toernooi is an initiative of Stichting ontwikkeling Jeugdhonkbal Zuidwest Nederland to develop youth baseball in the south of The Netherlands and will be held this year between july 8 – 13 in Oosterhout. The tournament aims to be the greatest U13 tournament in Europe.

Talented players born after may 1st of 2000 can register at www.batcbaseball.eu

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Europe: Battle of the Castle U13 Tournament Registrations Underway


The list of registered players is growing steadily. Already 32 players from 17 different clubs are eager to play for one the BATC teams to show off their baseball skills. Interesting are the registrations from Dutch baseball academy players, as well as alumini and future participants of the World Childrens Baseball Fair. With these players around, the level of play will be challenging. Making new baseball friends is also guaranteed with such a well spread entry list.

The tournament organisation is asking for international registrations. Are you passionate about baseball, and are you born after may 1 of 2000, register for the tournament! Players from Germany, France, Italy, UK, Belgium, Eastern Europe and North America are more than welcome to join at this great baseball event. Visit www. batcbaseball.eu for more information. There are various options to accomodate you and your parents.

The first edition of the Battle at the Castle U13 baseball tournament is held in Oosterhout, The Netherlands. It lasts 6 days from july 8 – 13 this summer and is unique in its kind.

For questions and information: mail us at batcbaseball@gmail.com

Press Release Battle of the Castle Tournament

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Jan Esselman New President of Confederation of European Baseball

Esselman wins elections at joint CEB-ESF Congress in Bled, Slovenia

By International Baseball Federation (IBAF)

Jan Esselman (Netherlands), who had served since 2005 as the Chair of the Technical Commission, is the new President of the Confederation of European Baseball (CEB). Esselman won the election(15 to 7, 6 votes were invalid) against Vojco Korosec of Slovenia, the country that hosted the Congress in Bled.

After Massimo Fochi of Italy and Angelo Vicini of San Marino withdrew their candidatures, Peter Kurz (Israel) became the 1st Vice President.

Juergen Elsishans of Germany was elected 2nd Vice President over (14 votes to 12, 2 invalid) Alexander Ratner of Russia.

Petr Ditrich, who had been acting President for the last 11 months, after elected President Miller resigned, becomes the 3rd Vice President with 20 votes over Rod Moore of Denmark (4).

René Laforce (Belgium) was confirmed unopposed as the organization Treasurer. He had presented a 2012 accounting with an advance over 28,000 euros and is hopeful that CEB can breakeven also at the end of 2013.

Xavier Mateu of Spain is the new Secretary General. After Mario De Bono of Malta withdrew, he also won unopposed.

Matts Franson (Sweden), Michael Manning (Ireland), Didier Seminet (France), Monique Schmidt (Switzerland) and Valentinas Bobulis (Lithuania) are the five members at large.

After the winning teams of the 2012 season, CEB also awarded the individuals who had a special year.

The Coach of the Year was Marco Mazzieri, who led Italy to back to back European Championships (2010 and 2012).

The Umpire of the Year was Frantisek Prybil (Czech Republic).

The Scorer of the year was Denis Duin of The Netherlands.

Spain that qualified for the 2013 World Baseball Classic, was named The Federation of the Year.

Bled also hosted the Congress of the European Softball Federation (ESF), that confirmed President André Van Overbeek of the Netherlands, who won the voting (17 to 11) against Giovanni Antonio Sanna of Italy.

Ami Baran (Israel), who was the only candidate after Francesca Fabretto of Italy withdrew her candidature, is the new Secretary General. Eddy Van Straelen (Belgium) was unanimously confirmed as the Treasurer.

Gabriel Waage (Czech Republic) is the new 1st Vice President.

The other five Vice Presidents are Youri Alkalay (Bulgaria), Dejan Jesic (Serbia), John Austin (Ireland), Mette Niessen Jakobsen (Denmark) and Gilbert Tobbak (Belgium).

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Collegiate Baseball League Europe News

Collegiate Baseball League Europe (CBLE) is proud to announce that Bill Froberg, Martijn Meeuwis and Tony Klarberg return for the 2013 championship as the head coaches of the Cavaliers, Admirals and Falcons. Filip van der Meiren who joined Tony Klarberg as the Falcons co-skipper last year has commitments with the Belgium National 18U team and will assist Tony with the draft event on March 23. Jan Naterop who was the pitching coach for the Bombers last year will return for 2013 as well.

Collegiate Baseball League Europe is the only Wood Bat Summer League in Europe, the format is based on Collegiate Summer Leagues like Cape Cod and Northwoods in the US.

As you see CBLE is on track to make 2013 another great event following a very succesful inaugural tournament in 2012.

Last year CBLE had a great level of baseball, a lot of fun, daily attention in the newspaper and scouts of the New York Yankees and Minnesota Twins attending some of our games.

Young prospects born after 1/1/1990 and before 12/31/1995 can send their resume to info@cble.org and join the draftlist.

Registration will close on March 16 and the draft will take place on March 24 and will be broadcasted live on our website.

In addition CBLE is pleased to inform you that it signed a letter of intent with the La Rochelle Boucaniers to play at their beautiful field near the Atlantic coast as soon as 2014. Venues in Spain and Germany will be announced soon as it plans to play a 4 week schedule from 2014 and beyond, whereby the league will travel around Europe and play for a week in each of the partnering host cities.

CBLE is starting to get more and more attention from US college players as well and an expanded schedule will make it more attractive for them to visit the “Old World” to spend their summer vacation.

The 2013 schedule starts on July 8 and will be broadcasted live on www.cble.org .

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Europe: Tournament Looking for U13 Players

Press Release BATC Tournament


Between July 8th and July 13 of 2013 there will we an all new European U13 baseball tournament in Oosterhout, Netherlands. The “Battle at the Castle” tournament (BATC) will be a unique 6-day baseball event that provides a podium for the best European baseball players that are born after may 1st of 2000. Playing top level baseball, having fun and making new friends are the cornerstones of this great event.

The BATC Tournament will be held simultaniously with the Collegiate Baseball League Europe (www.cble.org) and has the same basic setup. There are 4 teams with 14 player rosters that combine for 13 tournament games. One of the highlights of the BATC Tournament is a true homerun derby on Wednesday July 10th 2013.

The North American summer leagues were an inspiration for the CBLE and BATC tournaments.  Competitive baseball during summer vacation is of great value for baseball players to work on their game. In the meanwhile the presence of young athletes benefits local communities and will raise the popularity of baseball.

The registration for Little League eligible players (born after may 1st of 2000) is open. For more information visit www.batcbaseball.eu.

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