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Colombia Wins Gold, Peru Bronze at South American Championships

CUIABÁ, Brazil – No. 46 Peru claimed the bronze medal at the 13th South American Championships by defeating No. 29 Argentina 6-2.

This was a big win for the program and helped avenge an earlier round loss. In the opening round, Argentina defeated Peru 23-2. Argentina was the three-time defending champs of the event.

In the gold medal game, No. 19 Colombia defeated No. 15 Brazil to claim the championship. With the win Colombia earned the last spot in the 2015 Pan-American Games to be held in Toronto later this year.

With a 6-4 win, Colombia finished the tournament with an undefeated 6-0 record.

Photo courtesy IBAF.org

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Brazil Faces Colombia in 13th South American Baseball Championship Final

CUIABÁ, Brazil – Host No. 15 Brazil made it to the final of the 13th South American Baseball Championship and will face off with No. 19 Colombia.

Colombia knocked out Peru in the first semifinal by a score of 16-0. Brazil then took care of Argentina 4-2 to face off with Colombia in the championship.

In the opening round Colombia defeated Brazil. The winner of this final game will secure the final spot to the 2015 Pan-Am Games in Toronto later this year.

Peru and Argentina will face off in the bronze medal game. Argentina won their first meeting 23-2.

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The 13th South American Baseball Championships Open in Brazil

CUIABÁ, Brazil – The 13th South American Baseball Championships kicked off this week in Brazil. Competing are five South American teams with the winner gaining the final open spot for the 2015 Pan-Am Games coming up later this year in Toronto.

Competing for the final spot is No. 15 Brazil, No. 19 Colombia, No. 29 Argentina, No. 46 Peru, and No. 69 Bolivia. A total of fourteen games will crown the champion with the final coming up this weekend on Saturday March 7.

Day 1 of the tournament saw host Brazil down Peru 15-5 and Argentina shutting out Bolivia 21-0. Day 2 saw the two winners on Day 1 facing off in what turned out to be a great game with Brazil downing Argentina 2-1. Colombia also got in the win column with a 15-0 six inning win over Bolivia.

South American Championships

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Argentina: American Expat Teaching Youth Baseball in Buenos Aires

For the past few years Paul Perry and the Buenos Aires Shankees, an expat baseball team playing the Argentina capital, have been friends of Baseball de World. And now the American expat is doing something great for the kids in Buenos Aires that we felt needed to be shared.

At a small bilingual school called Sir Thomas Malory Perry is teaching young kids the great game of baseball. The school has become the first one to adopt baseball as an official sport in a soccer crazed country.

During morning breaks, Perry teaches 6th and 7th grade students the game. But only those students who complete their homework and don’t misbehave in the classroom. The grades are broken down with the 6th graders practicing on Tuesdays and Thursdays and the 7th graders on Mondays and Wednesdays. On Fridays both grades get together to practice.

However, this is not an easy task for Perry. Baseball is not a popular sport in Argentina. Soccer rules the sports world there and most, if not all, of the students he teaches have never played the game before. Overall there are 30 players who are participating with only one, Perry’s 11-year old son Henry, that has any experience.

But experience isn’t the only issues he has run into so far. With 30 players, Perry only has 20 gloves and six practice balls. The league the Shankees play in has helped out with a few old gloves and balls, and the school has helped out by providing an equipment bag. But the kids are still in need.

They practice on a rugby field with old white sofa cushions as bases. In fact there are only two baseball fields in the city, and Perry is hoping to get approval to move the practices to one of them in the future.

The program will go year-round and hopefully the sport will catch on with some of the students. There is a Little League in the city, La Liga Metropolitana de Beisbol, and Perry hopes to be competing in that in the future.

It’s a long road ahead for the program, but it is off to a good start thanks to the hard work and dedication of Paul Perry. If you would like the help out the program in some way, contact Paul through the Shankees Website. They are in need of pretty much everything baseball related.

And if you want to learn more about the program and how the kids are doing, check them out on the Baseball Buenos Aires Facebook Page.

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Argentina: Paul Stortoni joins Argentine Federation

Renowned Argentine player will return to work as General Manager of national teams.

After a series of meetings, and for the benefit of the National Baseball Federation, Baseball Argentina adds Paul Stortoni to its technical staff as General Manager of the national teams. Along with Ramiro Schiavoni, National Manager and his coaching staff he will coordinate and support the technical organization of the sport.

Stortoni was named best player of the year in 1998 and 2000 with Olimpia de Plata. In addition, he was part of the Argentine team that won the fifth place in the Pan American Games in Mar del Plata in 1995 and was champion in the South American Championship in Buenos Aires in 2004.

Courtesy IBAF.org

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Argentina wins X South American Championship

Gauchos shut out Ecuador 5-0 in Gold Medal Game

Argentina has won the X South American Baseball Championship at the Ezaiza National Stadium in Buenos Aires. They shut out Ecuador 5-0 in the Gold Medal Game on Saturday to capture the title. Federico Tanco pitched a complete game in the rain to lead the way. Jacinto Cipriota was the main player on offense, highlighting his performance with a two-run triple in the eighth.

It is the second South American title for Argentina after winning in 2004. Brazil finished in third place after beating Chile 10-0 in the Bronze Medal Game on Saturday morning. Already on Friday Peru had stopped Bolivia 5-2 to end up in fifth place. The next South American Championship is scheduled for 2012 in Santiago de Chile.

Final Standings:
1) Argentina
2) Ecuador
3) Brazil
4) Chile
5) Peru
6) Bolivia

Individual Awards:
Best Catcher: Jean Delgado (Ecuador)
Best First Baseman: Ignacio Castro (Chile)
Best Second Baseman: David Rosario (Ecuador)
Best Third Baseman: Gabriel Sansó (Argentina)
Best Shortstop: Javier Sommerville (Chile)
Best Left Fielder: Diego Pérez (Ecuador)
Best Center Fielder: Daniel Shimura (Brazil)
Best Right Fielder: Mauricio Nagahashi (Argentina)

Most Runs Scored: David Rosario (Ecuador)
Most RBI: Jean Delgado (Ecuador)
Most Stolen Bases: Mauricio Nagahashi (Argentina)
Best Slugger: Jean Tome (Brazil)
Best Hitter: Ariel Frigo (Brazil) .563 AVG
Best Slugging Percentage: Ariel Frigo (Brazil) .875 SLG

Most Wins: Pablo Ossandon (Chile), 2 Wins
Best Earned Run Average: Jun Sato (Brazil) 0.00 ERA

Best Pitcher Finals: Federico Tanco (Argentina)
MVP of the Finals: Federico Tanco (Argentina)

Courtesy IBAF.org

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Interview: Paul Perry – Manager of the Buenos Aires Shankees

How did the Shankees get started?
I had been playing on local Argie teams for about five years when one day I was sitting in a gringo bar watching the Phillies. 

Where did the name Shankees come from?
Ever since I arrived to this country, back in 1990, people have be calling me a yanqui (pronounced shanki) …so, being from Philly and raised carrying a shank, I thought it appropriate.

Can you tell us a little bit about the league you play in? How many teams? Season length?
You can get league info off the league site (www.beisbolmetro.com.ar) there are a bunch of teams and divisions…which date back to the ’80s…but it’s worth mentioning that baseball was much popular than soccer during the ’30s and ’40s, and during WWI WWII. There are three tournaments a year…Summer,  Fall/Winter (optional), and  Winter/Spring.

You also mentioned there are other teams fielding foreigners either from the US or from Asian countries. How much of the league is made up of imports from baseball playing countries?
We are the only USA team…but we have many Venezuelans on our team…as well as a Brit, and a German…last season we had two Taiwan dudes. There are two Japanese teams and one Korean team…as well as one Cuban team.

What is the level of play like in your division, and the division above it?
Our division is equivalent to high school….the one above college level.

Is the game of baseball catching on in Buenos Aires? What about outside the city?
Yes, thanks to the Shankees.

Are there ample fields around town for game play and practice?
Now there are…We have our own field now. We are taking over the baseball scene. I won’t be surprised if the Shankees rule the baseball scene in a couple years.

On your website you say anyone in the city for a short time can play, providing they pay the proper fees, how often do you get or lose players during a season?
I get new players and lose players every weekend…never know who will show…it’s cheap and stress free to be a Shankee.

When does the season run in Argentina?
All year round…by way of tournaments.  I aim to propose one year long season with a winter break for the all star game…just like in the USA.

You mentioned in a previous email that there is little to no press coverage. Do you see this changing anytime soon or does soccer have such a strong foothold in the country that it is going to be difficult for anything else to gain ground?
Argies are afraid of any sport that interferes with soccer. Soccer represents everything that is screwed up in this country. That is why they embrace it. Suicidial tendencies that make up part of life here.  They can’t handle the discilpline that comes from a great team sport such as baseball.  Politicians need soccer. The poor need soccer, but baseball is growing eventhough it will never surpass soccer…it pisses me off!

How have the Shankees fared over the years?
Great…since it’s all about having fun and  making new friends in a foriegn country…it’s been an awesome experience becuase everyone who has passed through the shankee ranks has taken a memorable experience home with them…not to mention, relived that unique baseball feeling that takes one back to childhood.  to add, we got awesome pitching these season…all we lack is a title to make it perfect. 

I’d like to thank Paul for taking the time to answer some questions about baseball in Argentina. We love to hear about the great game continuing to spread around the world. If you would like to learn more about the Shankees or baseball in Argentina, visit their website at Shankees Baseball Club.

So far this season the Shankees are

If you, or anyone you know, coach or play baseball outside the USA, we would like to talk to you. We can always be reached by email at info AT baseballdeworld.com.

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