Baseball Journeyman – One man’s journey to see baseball around the world.  Check it out and follow the journey.

Teammates International - Helping baseball players find placement with teams around the world.

Cuban Baseball: For complete coverage of the Cuban National Series and the Cuban National Team, visit Ray Otero’s excellent website which also has Cuban baseball history news.

Grand Slam Stats & News: Marco Stoovelar has one of the best Dutch baseball and softball sites available on the internet.

Japan Ball: Bob Bavasi provides fans of Nippon Professional Baseball with the latest news, standings and statistics from the top league in Asia.

Taiwan Baseball: The best source for amateur and professional baseball news from Taiwan

IBAF – The official website of the International Baseball Federation with detailed tournament results, global baseball news, videos, and much more.

My World Of Baseball – An excellent article-rich site featuring major league and international baseball news.

Kramerica Sports – Free fantasy news, rankings, and advice.

Buenos Aires Shankees – An expat baseball team competing in Argentina

International Baseball Community – Helping players and coaches find positions in Europe

My So Called Research - A great blog with a lot of good posts about Korean baseball

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