French Division 1

French Division 1 Baseball League

France Division I League Standings

TeamWonLost GB
Rouen Huskies2110
Senart Templiers1754
Montpelier Barracudas1576
Cougars de Montigny111110
Paris Universite Club81413
Savigny-sur-Orge Lions81413
Clermont Arvernes51716
Saint-Just-Saint-Rambert Ducks31918

French Division 1 Baseball League Schedule:

April 2, 2017

Saint-Just-Saint-Rambert Ducks at Rouen Huskies
Paris UC at Senart Templiers
Savigny-sur-Orge Lions at Montpellier Barracudas
Clermont Arvernes at Cougars de Montigny

April 9, 2017

Rouen Huskies at Cougars de Montigny
Senart Templiers at Savigny-sur-Orge Lions
Montpellier Barracudas at Saint-Just-Saint-Rambert Ducks
Clermont Arvernes at Paris UC

April 16, 2017

Savigny-sur-Orge Lions at Rouen Huskies
Cougars de Montigny at Senart Templiers
Paris UC at Montpellier Barracudas
Saint-Just-Saint-Rambert Ducks at Clermont Arvernes

April 23, 2017

Rouen Huskies at Paris UC
Senart Templiers at Saint-Just-Saint-Rambert Ducks
Montpellier Barracudas at Cougars de Montigny
Clermont Arvernes at Savigny-sur-Orge Lions

April 30, 2017

Rouen Huskies at Clermont Arvernes
Senart Templiers at Montpellier Barracudas
Cougars de Montigny at Paris UC
Savigny-sur-Orge Lions at Saint-Just-Saint-Rambert Ducks

May 14, 2017

Montpellier Barracudas at Rouen Huskies
Clermont Arvernes at Senart Templiers
Paris UC at Savigny-sur-Orge Lions
Saint-Just-Saint-Rambert Ducks at Cougars de Montigny

May 21, 2017

Rouen Huskies at Saint-Just-Saint-Rambert Ducks
Senart Templiers at Paris UC
Montpellier Barracudas at Savigny-sur-Orge Lions
Cougars de Montigny at Clermont Arvernes

May 25-28, 2017

Challenge de France 2017 at Rouen and Montigny

June 11, 2017

Rouen and Senart at Champions Cup
Clermont Arvernes at Montpellier Barracudas
Savigny-sur-Orge Lions at Cougars de Montigny
Saint-Just-Saint-Rambert Ducks at Paris UC

June 18, 2017

Cougars de Montigny at Rouen Huskies
Savigny-sur-Orge Lions at Senart Templiers
Saint-Just-Saint-Rambert Ducks at Montpellier Barracudas
Paris UC at Clermont Arvernes

June 25, 2017

Rouen Huskies at Savigny-sur-Orge Lions
Senart Templiers at Cougars de Montigny
Montpellier Barracudas at Paris UC
Clermont Arvernes at Saint-Just-Saint-Rambert Ducks

July 2, 2017

Paris UC at Rouen Huskies
Saint-Just-Saint-Rambert Ducks at Senart Templiers
Cougars de Montigny at Montpellier Barracudas
Savigny-sur-Orge Lions at Clermont Arvernes

July 9, 2017

Clermont Arvernes at Rouen Huskies
Montpellier Barracudas at Senart Templiers
Paris UC at Cougars de Montigny
Saint-Just-Saint-Rambert Ducks at Savigny-sur-Orge Lions

July 15, 2017

All-Star Game

July 23, 2017

Rouen Huskies at Montpellier Barracudas
Senart Templiers at Clermont Arvernes
Savigny-sur-Orge Lions at Paris UC
Cougars de Montigny at Saint-Just-Saint-Rambert Ducks

July 30, 2017

Senart Templiers at Rouen Huskies
Montpellier Barracudas at Clermont Arvernes
Cougars de Montigny at Savigny-sur-Orge Lions
Paris UC at Saint-Just-Saint-Rambert Ducks

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