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Final 2014 IBAF World Baseball Rankings: Japan Takes No. 1 Spot

With the conclusion of the 21U Baseball World Cup and the Central American and Caribbean Games, the final world standings have been released. There were only a few movers in the top 10 including Japan taking the No. 1 spot from the USA after making it to the finals of the 21 U BWC. The Netherlands also over took the Dominican Republic for No. 5 on the list.

The biggest mover in the top 30 was the Czech Republic moving up seven spots to No. 20. Argentina fell the furthest falling six spots to No. 28. The top 12 teams will be allowed to compete in the inaugural Premier 12 tournament to be held in Chinese Taipei in November 2015.

Final 2014 IBAF World Baseball Rankings:

Rank Nation  Points
2013 Trending
1  Japan 785.18 2 Year End Men’s Baseball World Ranking finalized1
2  USA 766.02 1 Year End Men’s Baseball World Ranking finalized1
3  Cuba 662.98 3
4  Chinese Taipei 605.48 4
5  Netherlands 433.50 6 Year End Men’s Baseball World Ranking finalized1
6  Dominican Republic 379.18 5 Year End Men’s Baseball World Ranking finalized1
7  Canada 353.52 7  –
8  South Korea 340.90 8
9  Puerto Rico 291.50 9
10  Venezuela 269.00 10
11  Italy 196.18 11
12  Mexico 136.78 12
13  Panama 132.92 13  –
14  Australia 127.82 14
15  Brazil 116.61 15
16  Nicaragua 110.77 18 Year End Men’s Baseball World Ranking finalized2
17  Spain 105.52 17
18  Germany 78.90 19 Year End Men’s Baseball World Ranking finalized1
19  Colombia 69.00 16 Year End Men’s Baseball World Ranking finalized3
20  Czech Republic 68.93 27 Year End Men’s Baseball World Ranking finalized7
21  China 68.25 20 Year End Men’s Baseball World Ranking finalized1
22  Israel 55.47 26 Year End Men’s Baseball World Ranking finalized4
23  Philippines 52.40 23
24  Pakistan 51.00 21 Year End Men’s Baseball World Ranking finalized3
25  Great Britain 50.56 24 Year End Men’s Baseball World Ranking finalized1
26  New Zealand 50.00 28 Year End Men’s Baseball World Ranking finalized2
27  France 46.75 32 Year End Men’s Baseball World Ranking finalized5
28  Argentina 42.91 22 Year End Men’s Baseball World Ranking finalized6
29  South Africa 33.00 31 Year End Men’s Baseball World Ranking finalized2
30  Thailand 30.50 25 Year End Men’s Baseball World Ranking finalized5

Complete Rankings

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France: Montpellier Leads League Standings

In the French Division 1 Baseball League, the Montepellier Barracudas currently lead the league in a tense four-way battle for the lead. Montpellier has a slim lead over Senart. Both teams have the same number of loses, but Montpellier has two more wins. Not far behind are both Paris UC and Rouen. The rest of the league is under .500.

Montpellier is coming off a 10-inning 7-5 loss to the worst team in the league the Chartres French Cubs who only have three wins on the season. Meanwhile, Senart swept Rouen in a two game set to move into second place all by itself.

Montpellier is getting the job done on the mound leading the league with an ERA of just 2.04. Leading the way for the best pitching staff is ace William Musson who is 7-2 with an ERA of just 1.42. Thomas Langloys has also contributed a lot with an ERA of just 1.37 to lead the league and a record of 3-1.

The Barracudas are in the bottom half of the league in hitting with a team average of just .268.

Paris UC is dominating the hitting. They lead the league with a team average of .349. They lead the league in hits (279), doubles (47), triples (14), home runs (8), and stolen bases (58).

Cody Regis is dominating the league’s pitching. So far this season Regis is leading the league in average (.484), hits (44), runs scored (31), RBI (33), triples (7), home runs (3), and total bases (74). He is also second in stolen bases with sixteen.

French Division 1 Standings:

1. Montpellier Barracudas 16-6
2. Senart Templiers 14-6
3. Paris UC 15-7
4. Rouen Huskies 13-7
5. Stade Touluse 7-11
6. Beaucaire Chevaliers 7-11
7. Savigny Lions 3-13
8. Chartes French Cubs 3-17

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Germany: Solingen and Heidenheim Continue To Lead Divisions

The Solingen Alligators and the Heidenheim Heidekopfe still lead their respective divisions in the German Bundesliga. The Alligators are dominating the North Division with a 19-1 record leading by a full five games over the two teams tied for second. Heidenheim’s lead is not quite as big as they lead the Regensburg Leagionaere by only two games. 

Solingen is on a seventeen game winning streak. Their last loss came in game three of the season to the Cologne Cardinals 12-10. With four games left in the season they finish with two games against fourth place HSV Stealers and then two games with current second place Paderborn Untouchables.

In the South, Heidenheim has four games left with the two teams currently in seventh and eighth place in the standings setting up what could be an easy road to the number one seed in the South.

South Division League Leaders

Batting Average
1. Joseph Dyche (Haar) .488
2. Justin Kuehn (Regensburg) .462
3. Marcel Jiminez (Regensburg) .444

On-Base + Slugging
1. Thomas De Wolf (Stuttgart) 1.344
2. Christopher Howard (Regensburg) 1.312
3. Joseph Dyche (Haar) 1.248

Home Runs
1. Thomas De Wolf (Stuttgart) 7
2. James McOwen (Heidenheim) 6
3. Several tied with 5

1. Tyler Lockwood (Heidenheim) 7
2. Luke Sommer (Heidenheim) 5
3. Several tied with 4

1. Andres Perez (Stuttgart) 4
2. Several tied with 2

North Division League Leaders

Batting Average
1. Tanner Leighton (Solingen) .456
2. Dallas Burke (Cologne) .439
3. Daniel Sanchez (Solingen) .432

On-Base + Slugging
1. Tucker White (Paderborn) 1.376
2. Tanner Leighton (Solingen) 1.367
3. Dallas Burke (Cologne) 1.185

Home Runs
1. Tucker White (Paderborn) 6
2. Tanner Leighton (Solingen) 5
3. Several tied with 3

1. Christopher Mezger (Solingen) 9
2. Harry Glynne (Solingen) 7
3. Several tied with 4

1. Nobody with more than 2

South Division Standings:

1. Heidemheim Heidekopfe 19-3
2. Buchbinder Legionaere 19-5
3. Stuttgart Reds 12-8
4. Mainz Athletics 10-12
5. Mannheim Tornados 9-11
6. Haar Disciples 9-11
7. Tubingen Hawks 3-17
8. Bad Homburg Hornets 3-17

North Division Standings:

1. Solingen Alligators 19-1
2. Paderborn Untouchables 12-4
3. Bonn Capitals 13-5
4. HSV Stealers 10-8
5. Dohren Wild Farmers 5-17
6. Cologne Cardinals 4-16
7. Dortmund Wanderers 3-15

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Switzerland: Zurich Barracudas Tame the Zurich Lions

By Christopher Byrnes

The Zurich Barracudas have won 10 in a row and moved to 10-1 on the season sweeping the Zurich Lions 16-7 and 13-1. The Barracudas lead the second place Therwil Flyers by 3.5 games in the standings.

The Barracudas once again played solid defense and delivered timely hitting to support the pitching efforts of Roger Savoldelli. Savoldeli  took over the bus for the Barracudas as he pitched a complete game to earn his first win as a Zurich Barracuda. The Barracudas were led offensively by Strahil Georgiev who had four hits and four RBIs. Nelson Santana went 3-5 and added 2 RBIs.

In the nightcap it was the strong pitching of Bert Marsnik and Josh Crouse who combined on a one hitter and allowed the Barracudas to cruise to a 13-1 victory. It was the man from the Twin Cities Bert Marsnik who took over the bus for the Barracudas in game two. Marsnik pitched five strong innings on the mound and produced three hits and six rbi’s. Josh Crouse closed out the win with two perfect innings in relief.

The Barracudas are scheduled to play night games versus the Zurich Challengers on June 11 and June 13.

Swiss NLA Regular Season Standings:

Team Won Lost GB
Zurich Barracudas 10 01
Therwil Flyers 07 05  3.5
Luzern Eagles 05 04   4
Bern Cardinals 07 06   4
Zurich Challengers 04 05   5
Zurich Lions 00 12  10.5

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France: Four Way Battle for First in Division 1 Standings

The first two months are over in the French Division 1 league and surprisingly the Rouen Huskies are not leading the league.

Rouen, who have won eight straight titles, sits in fourth place currently. However, they are not far out of first. Both the Montpellier Barracudas and the Senart Templiers are leading the league with an 11-5 record. Rouen and Paris UC are right behind the top two teams at 10-6.

None of the top teams seem to want to take control of the league lead and pull away. Over the past weekend, Rouen split with Paris UC and Montpellier split with Stade Toulouse. Senart split as well after winning big in Game 1 of the weekend.

French Division 1 Standings:

1. Montpellier Barracudas 11-5
2. Senart Templiers 11-5
3. Paris UC 10-6
4. Rouen Huskies 10-6
5. Stade Touluse 7-5
6. Beaucaire Chevaliers 5-7
7. Savigny Lions 2-8
8. Chartes French Cubs 0-14

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Netherlands: Three Way Race for Top Two Spots Heading into Last Weekend of First Half

The first half of the Dutch Major League is about to conclude in the Netherlands. The race for the top spot is still up for grabs even with just a few games left in the first half. The Vaessen Pioniers lead the league so far with a record of 14-2-1 just a single point ahead of both the DOOR Neptunus and L&D Amsterdam.

Vaessen will face off with Amsterdam this weekend in a three game series. With the top two teams qualifying for the semifinals, this series will be huge as one team could knock the other out of the race. Vaessen will also have one make up game against UVV to end the first half. That game will be played next Tuesday.

While Vaessen and Amsterdam are battling it out, DOOR Neptunus will take on a 6-13 Mr. Cocker HCAW. The defending champs are set up nicely to qualify for the semifinals after the first half.

Dutch Major League Standings:

1. Vaessen Pioniers 14-2-1
2. DOOR Neptunus 14-4
3. L&D Amsterdam 14-4
4. Corendon Kinheim 12-7
5. Mr. Cocker HCAW 6-13
6. UVV 4-12-2
7. Ado Lakers 4-14-1
8. Mampey the Hawks 3-15

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Italy: Stage One is Nearing an End with Bologna and Rimini Leading

The Italian Baseball League is nearing the end of the first stage round robin play. This year the IBL was split into two groups that played a round robin for the stage one.  Each division has four teams. In Group A are defending champion T&A San Marino, Unipol Bologna, Godo Knights, and newbie Padua. Group B consists of Rimini, Nettuno, Nettuno 2, and Parma.

In Group A, Unipol Bologna has all but wrapped up the win with a record of 15-1. T&A San Marino sits behind them in second place at 9-6 with Padua (6-10) and Godo (5-11) pretty much out of the running.

Over in Group B, there is a tight race for the top spot heading into the second stage. Telemarket Rimini leads the group with a record of 10-5, but Parma is close behind at 10-6. Nettuno (6-10) and Nettuno 2 (2-14) are well behind the group leaders.

Each team has just four to five games left with the stage one ending the first full weekend of June.

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Germany: Solingen and Heidenheim Lead Divisions

With only about six weeks to play in the German Bundesliga, the Solingen Alligators are dominating the competition in the North Division. The Alligators lead the North with a record of 15-1, with the only loss coming to the Paderborn Untouchables 4 to 3. Since the loss the Alligators have run off seven straight wins including a sweep of second place Bonn a few weeks ago.

The Alligators are led offensively by Tanner Leighton who leads the team in HR (5), RBI (20), runs (18), hits (25), doubles (7), and average (.455). Moritz Buttgereit (.411/.479/.554), Markus Stryczek (.324/.468/.595), and Dustin Hughes (.351/.433/.544) have all added a pair of home runs for the first place Alligators.

On the hill Chris Mezger has dominated the competition as the Alligators ace. He has tossed 51.0 innings striking out 79 and only walking 7 en route to a 7-0 record with an ERA of just 0.529. Andre Hughes has pitched well out of the pen picking up a win and two saves.

In the South Division a new name is atop the standings as the Heidenheim Heidekopfe are leading with a record of 15-3. They sit just ahead of powerhouse Regensburg who is 15-5.

Heidenheim has an eight game winning streak going right now that included a weekend sweep of rival Regensburg.

James McOwen leads the Heidenheim offense so far hitting at a clip of .400/.451/.680. He has clubbed four home runs and nine doubles to lead the team. Andrew Smith is also off to a hot start. Smith is hitting a team leading .470. Power has come throughout the line up so far with Luke Sommer (3), Smith (2), Jay Pecci (2), Robert Gruber (2), and Simon Guhring (2) all hitting more than one home run.

On the hill Sommer has been solid so far as well. He has pitched in five games, won three, saved one, and has an ERA of just 0.885 in 20.1 innings pitched. Tyler Lockwood has been solid as well going 7-0 while logging 58.2 innings for Heidenheim.

North Division Standings:

1. Solingen Alligators 15-1
2. Bonn Capitals 12-4
3. Paderborn Untouchables 9-3
4. HSV Stealers 6-8
5. Dohren Wild Farmers 5-13
6. Cologne Cardinals 4-12
7. Dortmund Wanderers 3-13

South Division Standings:

1. Heidemheim Heidekopfe 15-3
2. Buchbinder Legionaere 15-5
3. Stuttgart Reds 10-6
4. Mannheim Tornados 9-7
5. Mainz Athletics 8-10
6. Haar Disciples 7-9
7. Tubingen Hawks 2-14
8. Bad Homburg Hornets 2-14

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Switzerland: Zurich Barracudas Defeat Lucerne Eagles in Battle for First Place

By Christopher Byrnes The second place Lucerne Eagles travelled to Zurich to take on the first place Zurich Barracudas. Both ball clubs made key offseason aquistions and are much improved this season.  The Eagles were looking to swep the Barracudas and take over first place but the Barracudas were triumphant winning both games by a score of 8-6. The Barracudas continue to play solid fundamental baseball and move to the top of the NLA with a 8-1 record. The Eagles fall back to 4-4 and retain the last playoff spot in a very tight NLA race. Swiss NLA REGULAR SEASON

Zürich Barracudas 8 1 .889 -
Therwil Flyers 7 5 .583 2.5
Bern Cardinals 7 5 .583 2.5
Luzern Eagles 4 4 .500 3.5
Zürich Challengers 4 5 .444 4
Zürich Lions 0 10 .000 8.5

Game 1 Summary –  Zurich Barracudas 8 – Lucerne Eagles 6 Andi Rüesch coming off a strong performance last week started for the Barracudas while Andrea Girasole started for the Eagles. The Eagles jumped on Rüesch in the first inning scoring two runs. Leadoff man Sammy Paulino singled and Raphael Strub doubled to score the first run. Strub moved to third base on a ground out by Rudi Vargas and then scored on a slow ground ball to 1st base to make it 2-0 Eagles. The Barracudas got one run back in bottom of the first when Harry Wischnewski walked and stole his ninth base of the season and scored on an Eagle error to make it 2-1. In the bottom of the third inning, the Barracudas erupted for three runs to make the score 4-2. Josh Crouse hit a long double, Strahil Georgiev followed with a 12 pitch at bat and finally getting hit by pitch and then Nderim Coma smashed a double to score both runners. Nelson Santana followed with a single to score Coma. The Eagles came right back in the fourth inning to make the score 4-3 when Tom Enz smoked a double and scored on an infield error. The Barracudas broke the game open in the bottom of the 5th inning scoring three runs to make the score 7-3. Chris Michal singled and stole second base and Nderim Coma once again hit a double to score Michals. Bert Marsnik then singled to place runners on the corner.  Coma scored on a Nelson Santana ground out and Marsnik scored when  Andi Rüesch smacked a single to right field. The Barracudas added an insurance run in the 6th when Strahil Georgiev walked and Chris Michals cracked a single to right field placing runners on the corners. Nderim Coma singled with two strikes to right field for his fourth RBI on the day to score Georgiev and make it 8-3. The Eagles did not give up and scored another run in the 7th inning when Patrick Maier led off and laced a double which was followed by a double from Sammy Paulino. Rudi Vargas then hit a single to score Paulino to make it a 8-5 ball game. The Eagles scored another run in the 9th inning when Rüesch hit the first two batters and gave up an RBI single to Edwin Martinez Hernandez. Rüesch went the distance for the third time this year and earned his fourth victory. Offensively, the Barracudas were led by Nderim Coma who went 3-4 on the day with 4rbi and two runs scored. Josh Crouse, Chris Michals and Bert Marsnik all had two hit days .  The Eagles were led by Paulino, Enz and Vargas each producing two hits on a piece on the day. Barracudas Josh Crouse delivering a double Untitled                       Game two – Zurich Barracudas 8 – Lucerne Eagles 6 In the second game the Eagles were looking for redemption and sent their power pitcher Mario Idelfonso to the mound to face Chris Michals.  The Eagles once again came out strong to take the lead in the 1st inning by scoring a run on three consecutive singles by Rafael Strub, Michal Settle and Rudi Vargas. The Barracudas took advantage of some first inning control problems from Idelfonso when Harry Wischnewski walked and scored on a wild pitch to knot the game at 1-1. The Barracudas broke the game open in the 3rd inning scoring four runs to make the score 5-1. Nelson Santana singled and Hasson Rogers playing his first game of the season also singled. Marcel Loco Ochsner laid down a great sac bunt in the Bermuda triangle that the Eagles could not defend and that loaded the bases with no outs.  Harry Wischnewski came to the plate and he ripped a single up the middle to score two runs.  Josh Crouse then added and RBI on a hard ground out and Wischnewski came around to score when Bert Marsnik delivered a single. The Eagles just like in game one continued to fight back and scored two runs in the top of the 6th to make it a 5-3 ball game. Rudi Vargas got the Eagles going with a single and Patrick Maier delivered a nice rbi triple down the right field line and Edwin Martinez Hernandez followed with a single to get the Eagles back in the game. The Barracudas responded and increase their lead to 8-4  in the bottom 8th when Josh Crouse walked and Bert Marsnik singled and pitcher Chris Michals delivered a double to score two runs. The Eagles fought back scoring two runs in the bottom of the ninth and had the tying run on second when Michals shut the door by striking out the last batter to earn his fourth win on the season. The Barracudas were led offensively by Chris Michals who went 2-4 and 2 rbi’s and Harry Wischnewski who had a single and two rbi’s. The Barracudas will face the Zurich Lions next weekend in Zurich

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Switzerland: Zurich Barracudas Sweep the Bern Cardinals

By Christopher Byrnes

The Zurich Barracudas travelled to Bern to face the defending champions with both teams fighting for first place.  The Barracudas prevailed in game 1 with great pitching from Andi Rüesch by a score of 2-0 and took the night cap with Chris Michaels throwing a 3 hit 15 strike out performance to win 5-3 and push the Barracudas to the top of the Swiss NLA leader board with a record of 6-1.

In game one the Barracudas gave the ball to Andi Rüesch 2-0 on the season to face the Cardinals ace Tobias Imboden. The Barracudas struck first by scoring two unearned runs in the top of the first off Imboden. The Cardinals defense allowed two errors to start the game as both Josh Crouse and Bert Marsnik reached on errors and Marsnik scored on a bloop single by Chris Michaels and Harry Wischnewski scored on a Nderim Coma sac fly to make it 2-0 Barracudas. The Cardinals mounted a rally in the bottom of the sixth inning when Santo Pena walked, Thierry Burkhardt singled and Steven McIntosh executed a nice sac bunt to place runners on 2nd and 3rd base with two outs. Johnny Perigos one of the most dangerous hitters in Swiss baseball stepped to the plate to try to tie the game. The Barracudas with first base open walked Perigos to load the bases to face cleanup hitter Ernesto Pereira. Rüesch fell behind 2-0 in the count but he stayed calm and made his pitch on the outside of the plate and Pereira flied out to left field to end the inning. This was the key play and the turning point for the Barracudas.

Both pitchers were lights out but it was Rüesch in the end who won the battle moving to 3-0  on the season getting his second complete game and the shutout and lowering his season era to 0.91. Tobias Imboden pitched just as well going the distance allowing no earned runs but fell to 1-2 on the season with a 1.33 era.

 Game Two – Barracudas 5 – Cardinals 3

In the second game the defending champs gave the ball to their import pitcher Ernesto Pereira who has been spectacular all season in hopes of winning the night cap. The Barracudas sent their import pitcher Chris Michals to the mound with a sweep on their minds.  The Barracudas once again struck first with a run in the first inning when Josh Crouse led off with a walk and advanced on a passed ball. Harry Wischnewski then singled Crouse to third base and Wischnewski stole second base. Chris Michals grounded out to score Crouse from 3rd base to make it 1-0.

The Cardinals answered back in the bottom of the first when Thierry Burkhardt reached 1st base on an error and moved to second on a single by Johnny Perigos. Michals walked Pereira to load the bases and then Marc Oboussier hit a sac fly to score Burkhardt to knot the score at 1-1.

The Barracudas scored again in the 4th inning when Chris Michals singled moved to second on passed ball and tagged up and moved to 3rd base on fly ball from Nderim Coma. Andi Rüesch stepped to the plate and with the infield in hit a ground ball to second base and Chris Michals was thrown out trying to score. Rüesch moved to second on a passed ball and then scored when Sascha Stanko singled to make it 2-1.

Again the Cardinals answered back in the bottom of the 4th by scoring two runs to take the lead 3-2. Moritz Kocher singled with one out and Miro Bussman grounded to second base but the throw was off line and the Cardinals had runners on 2nd and 3rd base. Michals threw a wild pitch to score Kocher to tie the game and then Thierry Burkhardt reached first on error and Steve McIntosh scored.

The Barracudas settled down after that inning and Chris Michals was dominant the rest of the way. The Barracudas reached Pereira for one run in the 6th when Michals doubled, Coma singled and Marcel Loco Ochsner ripped a single up the middle to tie the score.

The Barracudas kept the pressure on Pereira the rest of the way and in the 8th inning they blew the game open by scoring two runs to make it a 5-3 ball game.  Andi Rüesch led off with a walk and Sascha Stanko executed a perfect sac bunt to move Rüesch into scoring position with one out. Marcel Loco Ochsner once again came threw for the Barracudas by knocking a double down the left field line to score Rüesch with the go ahead run.  This was key to the game. Alex Bruce the young 17 year old came through with a single to move Ochsner to 3rd base and then Josh Crouse hit a sac fly to provide the Barracudas with a very important insurance run.

Chris Michals was absolutely lights out keeping the Cardinals bats off balance all day long. He registered his third win and complete game on the season and struck out 15 batters. His season era is now at a skinny 0.67 to lead the league.

The Barracudas were led offensively by Chris Michals who went 4-7 with 2 rbi’s on the day to raise his average to .347. Marcel Loco Ochsner deliver two clutch hits driving in 2 rbi’s. Alex Bruce also went 3-8 on the day.

Swiss NLA Standings

Tabelle Regular Season

Zürich Barracudas 6 1 .857 -
Luzern Eagles 4 2 .667 1.5
Therwil Flyers 5 3 .625 1.5
Bern Cardinals 4 5 .444 3
Zürich Challengers 2 3 .400 3
Zürich Lions 0 7 .000 6



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Spain: Defending Champs Tenerife Marlins Leading Division de Honor

The Division de Honor in Spain has finished Week 5 of the season. Last season’s champions, the Tenerife Marlins, are off to another great start with a current record of 8-0. So far in the season they have only been challenged in a couple of games. They lead the league in most offensive categories including average (.350), runs (74), and hits (99). However, where they have really shined is on the hill. The Marlins lead the league with a 0.67 ERA through the first five weeks allowing just five earned runs in sixty-seven innings.

The league leaders will be challenged this coming weekend however as they face off with one of the better hitting clubs in the league early in the season when they face San Inazio Bilbao (5-3). San Inazio is the only other club hitting over .300 (.327) and is second in the league in doubles (20).

Last season’s runner-up, CB Barcelona, has struggled through the first part of the season going 5-5.  That is almost equal to their total number of losses from a year ago. CBS Sant Boi, who finished third a year ago, is off to a solid start just a game behind the Marlins at 7-1. They have this weekend off.

Division de Honor Standings:
1. Tenerife Marlins 8-0
2. CBS Sant Boi 7-1
3. Valencia Astros 6-2
4. San Inazio Bilbao 5-3
5. CB Barcelona 5-5
6. CD Pamplona 3-5
7. Baseball Navarra 3-7
8. CB Vilamoura 1-7
9. El Llano BC 0-8

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Photos of New Baseball Complex in Hooddorp, Netherlands

The Royal Dutch Baseball and Softball Association held a press conference at the new stadium in Hooddorp, Netherlands recently. Photographer Rob Jelsma was there and was able to snap a few photos of the new facilities.

You can check out the photos here at

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Haarlem Baseball Week Announces Schedule for 2014

The schedule for the 2014 Haarlem Baseball Week has been announced. The tournament kicks off with the USA facing off with Japan. Day 2 has a full schedule of games with all four teams playing kicking off with the USA taking on Chinese Taipei. The last game of Day 2 features the host Netherlands taking on Japan.

The four team tournament has each team facing each other twice before the each team is reseeded and a single elimination tournament begins on Day 9. The ten day tournament ends with the championship game on July 20th.

Date: Time*: Nr.: Home team: Away team: Final result:
11-07-2014 19:00 1 USA Japan
12-07-2014 14:00 2 Chinese Taipei USA
12-07-2014 19:00 3 Japan Netherlands
13-07-2014 14:00 4 Netherlands USA
14-07-2014 19:00 5 Chinese Taipei Japan
15-07-2014 14:00 6 Japan USA
15-07-2014 19:00 7 Netherlands Chinese Taipei
16-07-2014 14:00 8 Japan Chinese Taipei
16-07-2014 19:00 9 USA Netherlands
17-07-2014 19:00 10 Chinese Taipei Netherlands
18-07-2014 14:00 11 USA Chinese Taipei
18-07-2014 19:00 12 Netherlands Japan
19-07-2014 14:00 13 No. 2 No. 3
19-07-2014 19:00 14 No. 1 No. 4
20-07-2014 14:00 15 Final
* All times are subject to change.

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France: Montpellier and Rouen Tied Atop Division 1 Standings

The baseball season is under way in France as Rouen looks to keep up their continued dominance in the French Division I. So far they are still going strong starting the season 5-1 to stay tied atop the standings with Montpellier.

Rouen’s only loss so far this season was a 7-5 defeat to Toulouse (4-2) in Week 2. They will take on Senart (4-2) this coming weekend.

Tied with Rouen at the top is Montpellier who dropped their only game to Paris University Club in Week 2.

The newly promoted French Cubs from Chartres have struggled so far making the jump to Division 1. It took them until Week 3 to compete in a series even though they dropped it to Stade Toulouse.

There are only two series this coming weekend but both top teams will be in action. Rouen travels to Senart and Montpellier travels to Paris.

French Division I Standings:
1. Montpellier Barracudas 3-1
2. Rouen Huskies 3-1
3. Senart Templiers 4-2
4. Stade Toulouse 4-2
5. Paris UC 3-3
6. Beaucaire Chevaliers 3-3
7. Chartres Cubs 0-6
8. Savigny Lions 0-6

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Germany: Solingen and Regensburg Lead Divsions

The first two weekends of the German Bundesliga are in the books and only two teams remain undefeated. In the North the Solingen Alligators are leading the way once again after defeating both the Bonn Capitals and the Cologne Cardinals over the past two weekends.

In the South, Regensburg is undefeated after crushing the Bad Homburg Hornets in a two game set this past weekend. The Legionaere are looking to once again finish atop the league where they have finished the past four years.

This upcoming weekend the North leading Solingen Alligators will take on the Dohren Wild Farmers who currently sit in second place. Dohren has a chance to make a statement and take over the lead in the division with a sweep of the Alligators.

The Wild Farmers are led offensively by Garrett Rogers who is leading the team with two home runs. Jason Mahood has been solid at the plate as well leading the team with a .357 average and six RBI. On the mound they are led by Jannis Wedemeyer and his 1.80 ERA. They will all need to come strong this weekend versus a solid Alligators squad.

The Alligators Tanner Leighton (.533/2 HR / 6 RBI) and Dustin Hughes (.571/ 1 HR/ 6 RBI) are leading the way offensively. They are strong offensively and on the hill. Christopher Mezger (2-0/ 1.20 ERA) and Harry Glynne (2-0/ 2.077 ERA) lead a strong pitching staff.

North Division Standings
1. Solingen Alligators 4-0
2. Dohren Wild Farmers 3-1
3. HSV Stealers 2-2
4. Bonn Capitals 2-2
5. Dortmund Wanderers 1-1
6. Paderborn Untouchables 0-2
7. Cologne Cardinals 0-4

South Division Standings
1. Regensburg Legionaere 4-0
2. Heidenheim Heidekopfe 3-1
3. Stuttgart Reds 3-1
4. Mainz Athletics 3-1
5. Mannheim Tornados 2-2
6. Haar Disciples 1-3
7. Tubingen Hawks 0-4
8. Bad Homburg Hornets 0-4

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Haarlem Baseball Week Announces First Participating Teams for 2014

The 27th edition of Haarlem Baseball Week will take place this summer from July 11-20. So far three international teams have been announced including the USA, Japan, and Chinese Taipei. The Dutch National Team will be the fourth team in the tournament while the fifth and sixth teams are still in progress.

Canada, Australia and Puerto Rico have been contacted to fill out the last two spots in the tournament. An announcement will be made later on when the details are finalized.

As soon as the final two teams are announced, we will bring it to you here.

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A Parents Perspective of Playing Baseball Overseas

I get emails all the time from players wanting to find ways to get into baseball overseas. While I have made a few contacts over the years with different teams and organizations, I have not put in the time and effort needed to really build those relationships into helping teams find players, mainly because I don’t have the time. However, a friend of the sites, David Burns, has done just that.

Burns is a Canadian who has been living, working, and playing in Austria for a decade now. A year or so ago Burns started a website called Baseball Jobs Overseas where he helps put players with teams who are looking to fill out their rosters.

So a year or so ago when James Milo sent me an email hoping to find a place for his son to play in Europe, I sent him over to Burns. Luckily for everyone involved it worked out well. James’ son Dominic wound up finding a place in Germany playing with the Dohren Wild Farmers this past season where he put up good numbers in the Bundesliga North Division.

James and his wife were fortunate to make a visit to Germany over the summer to visit their son and watch him play ball. Recently James wrote an article for David Burns over at Baseball Jobs Overseas to give a parents perspective, and I thought I would post a link here because it is such a good read.

Notes from a German Baseball Trip 2013 by James Milo.

I would recommend reading it for anyone who is looking to play ball overseas. It gives some good insights on the process and overall is just a good read.

And if you are a player looking to find a place to play next summer, check out the site and join the forum where you can find more information. David Burns has also started a nice podcasts where he has some good guests talking about baseball overseas, how to find a job, and what to expect when you do.

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New Baseball World Rankings – USA Ends Cuba’s Four Year Reign

USA Baseball has ended Cuba’s 4-year reign at the top of the World Baseball Rankings after a productive year in 2013.

The International Baseball Federation has used the World Baseball Ranking system since 2009, and each year Cuba has been at the top.

Team USA had a disappointing second round exit at the World Baseball Classic, but then picked up gold medals at the 12U Baseball World Cup and the 18U Baseball World Cup. Also giving Team USA points this summer was its “Friendship” series with Cuba where the USA’s National Collegiate Team won all five games.

Also jumping up in the standings was Japan who went from the third ranked country to the second also surpassing Cuba in the process. In the big tournaments of the year, Japan placed third at the World Baseball Classic, second at the 18U World Baseball Cup, and third again at the 12U Baseball World Cup.

The Dominican Republic made one of the bigger jumps in the standings after its win at the World Baseball Classic going from 13th a year ago to 5th.

The Netherlands remain the top European country in the standings as they swapped places with Canada moving up to 6th place.

The Americas continue to be the strongest in the polls collecting eleven of the top twenty spots. Asia and Europe combined take up 40% of the top twenty with both continents placing four teams. The last top twenty team comes from Oceania with Australia coming in at 14th.

Africa’s top representative is South Africa in at number 31.

Men’s Baseball World Rankings Top 10:

1. USA
2. Japan
3. Cuba
4. Chinese Taipei
5. Dominican Republic
6. Netherlands
7. Canada
8. South Korea
9. Puerto Rico
10. Venezuela

Complete World Rankings

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Kickstarter Campaign for DVD on Italian Baseball

I’m a huge fan of Kickstarter and the ability it gives independent filmmakers to finish or even start their projects.

It came to my attention today that Fabio Monticone has a new Kickstarter campaign to finish a documentary on Italian baseball. Monticone needs a hand finishing the DVD.

The film is called “Slug It Out” and is on baseball in Italy. Fabio needs the funds to produce 1,000 DVDs to distribute throughout Italy as well as paying for someone to translate the document from English to Italian.

Every little bit helps and this could be great for baseball in Italy. You can watch the video he made about the project on the “Slug It Out” Kickstarter page.

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Swiss Nationalliga A Semifinals Underway

The semifinals of the Swiss Nationalliga A are underway as the Bern Cardinals are taking on the Zurich Challengers while the Therwil Flyers take on the Embrach Mustangs in the other series.

The Bern Cardinals got their title defense underway with a 9-4 loss to Zurich in Game 1. Bern finished the regular season at the top of the standings with a 24-4 record, a game ahead of the Flyers.

Tobias Siegrest pitched the Challengers to the Game 1 win after tossing eight solid innings. Siegrest gave up four runs (two earned) while striking out nine to give his team the lead in the series.

Eidrys Reyes led the offense by setting the table going 4-for-5 with a double and two runs scored. The top three in the lineup accounted for 10 of the teams 14 hits. Saentis Zeller followed up Reyes going 2-for-5 with three RBI and two runs scored. Robert Sedin also had a big day going 4-for-5 with a double, a triple, two runs, and two RBI.

Game 2 will be Saturday September 28 after Bern plays in the European Cup Playoff in Zurich.

In the other semifinal, the Therwil Flyers held off a late run by the Embrach Mustangs to hold on to an 8-6 win.

Luke Croton pitched the Flyers to the win tossing six solid innings allowing just two runs on four hits.

Offensively the Flyers were balanced. Hide Oshima (1-for-3) drove in three runs and stole a base, Stefan Koller (2-for-5) drove in a pair of runs, and Adrian Kaufmann (1-for-1/3 walks) scored three times.

The Flyers jumped on the Mustangs starter early scoring six runs in the first three innings to take control of the game.

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Great Britain: Harlow Nationals Win Historic Third Straight NBL Title

The Harlow Nationals completed a historic third consecutive National Baseball Championship title after defeating the Southampton Mustangs. It was the first time the Mustangs have made the championship.

Both teams had to win a wild-card game to advance. The Nationals then took down the regular season champion the Herts Falcons in the semi-finals before winning it all against Southampton.

For more information on the championship match, visit

National Baseball League Playoffs:

Sunday, September 1, 2013 – Wild Card Playoffs
Bracknell Blazers 4, Harlow Nationals 17
Essex Arrows 4, Southampton Mustangs 10

Saturday, September 14, 2013 – Semi-Finals
Harlow Nationals – Herts Falcons 8-7
London Mets – Southampton Mustangs 1-15

Sunday, September 15, 2013 – Finals
Southampton Mustangs 7, Harlow Nationals 12

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Sweden: Stockholm Wins Fourth Title in Six Years

Stockholm has won the Swedish Elitserien championship after defeating defending champion Karlskoga Bats three-games-to-one in the series final.

With the series tied at one game each, Stockholm exploded for 13 runs, including eight in the fourth inning alone, in Game 3. The 13-3 win gave Stockholm a 2-1 lead in the series and put them one win away from their fourth championship in the past six years.

Daniel Wood hit a three-run home run for Stockholm, while Michael Maples (2-for-4) drove in four runs including three on a bases loaded double. Elvis Hammarstedt added three hits of his own including a triple.

Stockholm would finish off the series with a 6-2 win in Game 4. Alex Keenen pitched six innings allowing just two runs on four hits to pick up the win. Arvid Carlstedt finished off the last three innings to pick up the save.

Matt Merrifield led the offense going 3-for-5, while Peter Johannessen (2-for-4) picked up a couple of RBI in the win.

Alex Keenen was named the MVP of the finals. He pitched two games, winning both, and allowed just two runs in 12 innings. Overall in the playoffs, Keenen went 3-0 with an ERA of just 1.00.

Photo: Swedish Baseball Federation

2013 Swedish Elitserien Championship:

Stockholm 3, Karlskoga 5
Stockholm 4, Karlskoga 0
Karlskoga 3, Stockholm 13 (7)
Karlskoga 2, Stockholm 6

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European Cup Playoffs in Rouen and Zurich This Weekend

The European Cup Playoffs kick off this weekend in both Rouen, France and Zurich, Switzerland.

Two teams, Rouen Huskies (FRA) and Bern Cardinals (SUI) are looking to defend the A-Pool spots for their federations. While the other teams are looking to get into the A-Pool.

Rouen will host the Borgerhout Squirrels (BEL), the North Stars SDUSHOR (RUS), and the Huskies.

In Zurich, the Cardinals will host the Senart Templiers (FRA) and KNTU Elizavetgrad (UKR)

2013 European Cup Playoff Schedule:

Rouen, France
Friday, September 20, 2013:
5:00 pm North Stars – Borgerhout Squirrels

Saturday, September 21, 2013:
5:00 pm Borgerhout Squirrels – Rouen Huskies

Sunday, September 22, 2013:
2:00 pm Rouen Huskies – North Stars

Zurich, Switzerland
Friday, September 20, 2013:
7:00 pm Bern Cardinals – Templiers Senart

Saturday, September 21, 2013:
2:00 pm Templiers Senart – KNTU Elizavetgrad (Zurich)

Sunday, September 22, 2013:
2:00 pm KNTU Elizavetgrad – Bern Cardinals (Zurich)

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Italy: Telemarket Rimini Takes 2-0 Lead in 2013 Italian Baseball Series

The Italian Baseball Series has begun as Telemarket Rimini is taking on T&A San Marino in a rematch from the 2012 championship series.

Last year, T&A San Marino won its second straight title after defeating Rimini 4-games-to-2 after winning the first three games of the series. This year Rimini looks to change things, and so far they have.

Telemarket Rimini dropped the first game of the 2012 Italian Baseball Series to T&A San Marino 8-5 after scoring five runs in the 9th inning to score a huge comeback. This year Rimini held on in the 9th in a 1-1 game to send it to extra innings before pulling it out in the 11th inning.

Both starters pitched very well in Game 1. Yorman Bazardo tossed 5.1 innings allowing just one run on three hits for Rimini. He didn’t factor into the decision and neither did San Marino starter Jim Magrane. Magrane went seven innings allowing one run on five hits.

With the game tied at one in the 11th inning, Adolfo Gomez (1-for-5) singled to get the inning started for Rimini. After a sacrifice bunt, Riccardo Bertagnon (2-for-4) walked to put a pair of runners on. James Buccheri (1-for-5) then broke the tie with a RBI single, but Rimini wasn’t done yet.

San Marino then made a pitching change to try and stop the bleeding. Christopher Cooper came on in relief but didn’t offer much. The first batter he faced, Leonardo Zileri (3-for-6), doubled bringing in two more runs to give Rimini a 4-1 lead. Cooper would eventually shut down the Rimini rally, but it was too little too late.

Enorbel Marquez picked up the win in relief tossing 5.2 scoreless innings. He gave up just three hits to give Rimini a 1-0 lead in the series.

Game 2 was a back-and-forth affair. Rimini took a 3-0 lead in the top of the first. They would get one more to take a 4-0 lead in the top of the fourth, but in the bottom half of the inning San Marino would tie it up with four runs of their own.

Rimini would come back in the seventh with three more runs to take a 7-4 lead. They would never see that lead go away the rest of the way as they scored four in the top of the 9th to put it out of reach.

Mattia Reginato homered in the loss for San Marino going 2-for-4. Francesco Imperiali had a nice day at the plate for San Marino as well going 3-for-4 with two runs scored and two RBI.

Mario Chiarini (2-for-5) and Ramon Castro (2-for-4) both drove in three runs for Rimini in the win.

With the win, Rimini takes a 2-0 lead in the series as it heads back to Rimini.

Photo: FIBS/Ezio Ratti

2013 Italian Baseball Series Scores:

Friday September 13
Telmarket Rinini 4, T&A San Marino 1 (11)

Saturday September 14
Telemarket Rimini 11, T&A San Marino 7

Friday September 20
T&A San Marino at Telemarket Rimini

*Saturday September 21
T&A San Marino at Telemarket Rimini

*Sunday September 22
T&A San Marino at Telemarket Rimini

*If necessary

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