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Minors: Pecos League Team Looking for German Player

Minors: Pecos League Team Looking for German Player

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The White Sands Pupfish professional baseball team from New Mexico looking for a German player for the 2013 season. The Pupfish play in the Pecos League of Professional Baseball Clubs to play every day from July 14-28th May The Pupfish play in Alamogordo New Mexico, the German Air Force Center Tatical players have professional experience in Germany and need to move up 18 to 25 years old and in the attempt, in their baseball career. Applicable send an e-mail to

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    1. Little says:

      The Pecos site today has a revived link to an oninepg page for a team called the Raton Osos the former nickname used in Ruidoso, which has gone defunct. So I believe the name can be used again free of patent requirements, and if accepted by Raton should make for a wonderful motif and color scheme. The league must still have some leftover caps and uniforms to use, which will save on the overhead of starting up a new team.The colors are a bit too close to the Sante Fe Fuego, but likely the visiting team should always wear the black based shirts to avoid the uni colors being nearly identical. They should be included in the northern division as their proximity to the other teams there could be excellent, especially if Trinidad is retained. I always thought that Roswell should be in the southern division anyway, and this will make that adjustment a lot easier. The scheduling of crossover games, however, will be difficult, especially if the commissioner is set on more games being played within the divisions. That cannot be done with five teams in each one. Travel and hotels not withstanding, a league wise balanced schedule might need to be pursued, with Taos being a major glitch in this by only taking on 20-25 home games, short of a full home season. Even this should benefit other teams willing to handle a larger home schedule who wouldn’t, unless the fields cannot take it.I hope a ten team league flies. It should be more interesting for all.


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