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Asia Series 2011 opens November 25

Asia Series 2011 opens November 25

Press Release Asia Series 2011 Steering Committee

Asia Series 2011 will open on November 25th with champs from Australia, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

?05/18 Taipei?The Asia Series, which will be held for the first time in three years, will take place on November 25th as championship teams from ABL (Australia), KBO (Korea), NPB (Japan) coming to Taiwan and take on the championship team of CPBL (Taiwan) for the title of “Asian Champions”.

The Asia Series, inaugurated in 2005, was stopped after the completion of the 2008 tournament. The Chinese Professional Baseball League successfully secures the supports form the Executive Committee of the Asia Series to hold the Series in Taiwan. CPBL also held the “2010 CPBL-KBO Club Championship”, a successfully-ran tournament, as the warm-up operation for the Asia Series 2011.

The original plan to open the Asia Series 2011 on November 11th was jeopardized due to the earthquake and tsunami attack to Japan in March. As NPB delayed its opening, the modified schedule of Japan Series conflicts the originally planned schedule of Asia Series. During the “Asia & Oceania Baseball Summit” and “Asia Series Steering Committee Meeting” held in April, detail and through discussions regarding the responding plan of the NPB schedule were made and brought back to each League for further discussions.

As a result with confirmation from each participating leagues, the Asia Series Steering Committee hereby announces the confirmed participants and tournament schedule information for the Asia Series 2011 as followed.

Asia Series 2011
Participants Tournament Schedule
NPB 2011 Championship Team – 2011 Japan Series winner 11/23 Arrivals
11/24 Practice
KBO 2011 Championship Team – 2011 Korea Series winner 11/25 Preliminary Game 1 & 2
11/26 Preliminary Game 3 & 4
ABL 2010-2011 Championship Team – Perth Heat will represent ABL in the Series 11/27 Preliminary Game 5 & 6
11/28 Off-Day / Makeup Day
CPBL 2011 Championship Team – 2011 Taiwan Series winner 11/29 Final Game
11/30 Departures


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