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2010 All-European Team

The 2010 All-European team is loaded with talent, featuring nine players who played key roles in helping their respective squads reach the championship series in both Italy and the Netherlands.

The 17-man first team, chosen by performances this past season and picked by former European coach and international baseball writer Marvin Moore, features a Triple Crown winner, front-of-the-rotation pitchers, line drive hitters and batters who hit for high averages.

Neptunus veteran slugger Raily Legito was tabbed as the Most Valuable Player. The versatile third baseman batted .340 with 18 extra-base hits, 35 RBIs and 11 stolen bases to help lead the Rotterdam club to back-to-back Dutch Series championships.

T&A San Marino centerfielder Carlos Duran was named the top offensive performer after becoming the first player since 1981 to win the Italian Baseball League (IBL) triple crown. The sweet-swinging lefty from Venezuela topped the league in batting average (.349), home runs (six), RBIs (39), hits (61) and runs scored (37).

Cariparma skipper Gilberto Gerali is the top manager after steering Parma to their first IBL crown since 1997.

The following are the first, second and honorable mention All-European teams for 2010.


Sidney de Jong, L&D Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Jairo Ramos, UGF Assicurazioni Bologna (Italy)

Davide Dallospedale, Cariparma Parma (Italy)

Tony Granadillo, Pamplona (Spain)

Raily Legito, Neptunus (Netherlands)

Carlos Duran, T&A San Marino (Italy)
Dirk vant’ Klooster, Corendon Kinheim (Netherlands)
Bryan Engelhardt, Corendon Kinheim (Netherlands)

Maximiliano De Biase, T&A San Marino (Italy)

Leon Boyd, Neptunus (Netherlands)
Rob Cordemans, L&D Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Jesus Matos, UGF Assicurazioni Bologna (Italy)
David Bergman, Corendon Kinheim (Netherlands)
Henry Bonilla, T&A San Marino (Italy)
Terence Antonacci, Hoboken Pioneers (Belgium)

Michiel van Kampen, Corendon Kinheim (Netherlands)
Victor Moreno, UGF Assicurazioni Bologna (Italy)
Marco Grifantini, Cariparma Parma (Italy)

Gilberto Gerali, Cariparma Parma (Italy)

Raily Legito, Neptunus (Netherlands)

Carlos Duran, T&A San Marino (Italy)


CA – Martijn Meeuwis, Neptunus (Netherlands)
1B – Richard Montiel, Tenerife Marlins (Spain)
2B – Benjamin Dille, Neptunus (Netherlands)
SS – Juan Carlos Infante, UGF Assicurazioni Bologna (Italy)
SS – Marco Yepez, Cariparma Parma (Italy)
3B – Orlando Munoz, Cariparma Parma (Italy)
OF – Bas de Jong, L&D Amsterdam (Netherlands)
OF – Juan Camilo, Cariparma Parma (Italy)
OF – Wuillians Vasquez, Mr. Cocker HCAW (Netherlands)
DH – Jeffrey Arends, Neptunus (Netherlands)
SP – Diegomar Markwell, Neptunus (Netherlands)
SP – Sandy Patrone, Telemarket Rimini (Italy)
SP – Dushan Ruzic, Neptunus (Netherlands)
SP – Patrik Ahearne, AVG Draci Brno (Czech Republic)
SP – Junior Guerra, Sant Boi (Spain)
SP – Tiago Da Silva, T&A San Marino (Italy)
SP – Jim Brower, Telemarket Rimini (Italy)
SP – Trevor Caughey, Technika Brno (Czech Republic)
SP – Roberto Corradini, Cariparma Parma (Italy)
RP – Chris Di Roma, Telemarketr Rimini (Italy)
RP – Dave Draijer, Hoofddorp Pioniers (Netherlands)
RP – Pedro Orta, Cariparma Parma (Italy)
RP – Hector Perozo, Navarra (Spain)
RP – Berry van Driel, Neptunus (Netherlands)
RP – Fabio Milano, UGF Assicurazioni Bologna (Italy)


CA – Juan Angrisano, UGF Assicurazioni Bologna (Italy)
CA – Petr Cech, Buchbinder Legionaere (Germany)
CA – Tyson Jaquez, Dohren Wild Farmers
1B – Gary Burnham, Godo Knights (Italy)
1B – Lino Connel, Danesi Nettuno (Italy)
1B – Magnus Pilegard, Stockholm (Sweden)
1B – Jan Drabek, Eagles Praha (Czech Republic)
1B – David Gauthier, Rouen Huskies (France)
2B – Emmanuel Febles, FC Barcelona (Spain)
2B – Martin Schneider, AVG Draci Brno (Czech Republic)
SS – Larry Jose Infante, Navarra (Spain)
SS – Danny Sandoval, Montepaschi Grosseto (Italy)
SS – Matthew Vance, Heidenheim Heidekoepfe (Germany)
SS – Jakub Hajtmar, AVG Draci Brno (Czech Republic)
SS – Dennis Kelly, Mannheim Tornados (Germany)
SS – Aaron Hornostaj, Rouen Huskies (France)
3B – Marc Carrillo, Sant Boi (Spain)
3B – Bart Gabriels, Mr. Cocker HCAW (Netherlands)
3B – Shawn Vance, Sundbyberg Heat (Sweden)
3B – Dominik Wulf, Solingen Alligators (Germany)
OF – Laidel Chapelli, Telemarket Rimini (Italy)
OF – Kenny Berkenbosch, L&D Amsterdam (Netherlands)
OF – Tim Stewart, Savigny Lions (France)
OF – Robert Gruber, Heidenheim Heidekoepfe (Germany)
OF – Steven De Lannoy, Hoboken Pioneers (Belgium)
OF – Lennart Koster, Hoofddorp Pioniers (Netherlands)
OF – Kenji Hagiwara, Rouen Huskies (France)
OF – Kevin Malone, Valencia Astros (Spain)
OF – Sascha Lutz, Mannheim Tornados (Germany)
SP – Enorbel Marquez-Ramirez, Telemarket Rimini (Italy)
SP – Eddie Aucoin, Hoofddorp Pioniers (Netherlands)
SP – Boris Bokaj, Buchbinder Legionaere (Germany)
SP – Juan Jose Lopez, Navarra (Spain)
SP – Jason Enewold, Karlskoga Bats (Sweden)
SP – Andre Hughes, Solingen Alligators (Germany)
SP – Joakim Claesson, Stockholm (Sweden)
SP – Kris Wilson, Danesi Nettuno (Italy)
SP – Markus Winkler, Heidenheim Heidekoepfe (Germany)
SP – Tim Henkenjohann, Bonn Capitals (Germany)
RP – Al Morales, L&D Amsterdam (Netherlands)
RP – Ruben Fente, Sant Boi (Spain)
RP – Remigio Leal, Danesi Nettuno (Italy)
RP – Wayne Ough, AVG Draci Brno (Czech Republic)
RP – Jose Escalona, T&A San Marino (Italy)

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