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San Diego Kids’ Party Rentals Adds Baseball Games

UNITED STATES – San Diego Kids’ Party Rentals, Inc. has expanded its Baseball, Softball and Sporting games in anticipation of the 2010 Little League and Girls Softball season in San Diego by adding a Speed Pitch game with a real time Radar Gun to track the speed that the ball is thrown as well as a new “Batters Up” batting practice inflatable baseball/softball game.

These two new baseball games are added to the existing five-sided World Sports Game that also includes a batting practice game, as well as a football throw, soccer kick, basketball hoop shot, and a Frisbee or Velcro dart game.

Over the years, San Diego Kids Party Rentals has become a favorite vendor for many Little League Opening Day ceremonies andBatter Up Inflatable Game festivities. Catering to these baseball and softball teams has been an area of personal interest to San Diego Kids’ Party Rentals owner Greg Knight, an avid baseball fan and supporter of youth baseball and softball.

According to Mr. Knight, this expanded line of baseball and sporting game offerings is in response to the demand from repeat clients for new and more comprehensive offerings for this popular sport. He reports that he truly enjoys watching the young players and how much they enjoy playing the games.

San Diego Kids’ Party Rentals offers inflatable jumps, slides, water slides, obstacle courses, carnival games, interactive games, outdoor movie screens, children’s entertainment, and unique kids’ theme parties for children’s birthday parties, holiday gatherings, school events, church functions, and other special occasions in San Diego.

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  1. Cate says:

    This company is really dedicated to providing exceptional service, entertainment, and high quality rental equipment.


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